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Thurston Avenue Apartments Final Building Photos

September 6, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The three building, three story, 57 bedroom, 18 unit Thurston Avenue Apartments project in Cornell Heights has been completed for occupancy just in time for the start of the semester. Below are some final photos, and a brief project narrative:

The project site plan was approved by the City of Ithaca Planning Board last June, 2013. The structure foundations were dug back in December, with some foundation work over the winter, and then insulated concrete form (ICF) block foundation walls in February. The unusually prolonged and severe winter prevented a lot of early site work (i.e. underground plumbing), but by March, light wood framing for the three-story structures began (framing by Compass Builders), and showed good progress throughout April and May. Roofing started-up and finished in May, and by June, the Marvin windows had been fully installed. Brick veneer base and stone caps began installation in June, and finished by July. Throughout July and August, the façade Hardie stucco panels, side and window trim, roof fascia, and other exterior building finishes were installed, along with landscaping: the project contains a parking lot with 19 parking spaces, concrete curbing and sidewalks, several stone retaining walls along the sloped hillside facing the Thurston Ave/Highland Ave intersection, and ample trees and shrubs. Some landscaping work still remains around the hillside, but certificates of occupancy have been completed, and folks have moved-in.

The project is owned and developed by RABCO Highland House, the operator/owner of the adjacent apartment building, Highland House. Construction was completed by G.M. Crisalli & Associates out of Syracuse, NY, with design by HOLT Architects, and landscape architecture by Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects.


Thurston Ave Apartments Inventory









Thurston Avenue Apartments August 20th Photos

August 23, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

RABCO Highland House‘s 18-unit Thurston Avenue Apartments project looks to be wrapping-up just in time for the start of classes. There’s still a bit of facade work to be completed, but the units look complete from the outside. In the space of six days since last post (August 14th to the 20th, when these photos were taken), the driveway and parking lot has been asphalted and striped, all facade and roof fascia panels have been hung on the corner buildings, and the center building’s street-facing facade has been completed, but the sides are missing a few small sections of stucco panelling, which may be done by the time of writing. The site should be seeded and strawed or turfed any day now. The project got a late start (like many) due to the prolonged and intense winter- photos from March.

The construction was done by GM Crisalli & Associates, and designed by HOLT Architects, with landscape architecture by TWMLA.








Thurston Avenue Apartments Wrapping-Up

August 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Thurston Ave Apartments InventoryLots of progress at this site since a week ago: landscaping work has begun, rock base for the driveway and parking lot has been spread, the exterior facades are coming along, the sidewalks have been poured along the street, drive lane, and to each building, and pole lamps have been installed for exterior lighting. The project is aimed at student housing, and the leasing sign for the three buildings indicated August start dates before the semester begins, so I’d imagine this weekend and next week is the rush to finish.

Construction by GM Crisalli & Associates, design by HOLT, landscape architecture by TWMLA, and the project is developed and owned by RABCO Highland House, the same company that owns the apartment building next door.







Thurston Ave Apartments August Photo Update

August 8, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Photo update here for RABCO‘s 18-unit Thurston Ave Apartments project in Cornell Heights (taken August 3rd and 6th). The exterior facade is shaping-up, as Hardie Stucco Panels and Hardie Trim boards make their way up the three buildings, along with roof fascia boards and soffit panels at the roof edge. The curbing for the parking lot has been set, and looks ready for pouring stone base, then asphalt. The leasing indicated August start dates, so this project should be wrapped-up in the next two weeks to allow for student occupancy for this Fall semester.






Thurston Avenue Apartments July Photo Update

July 24, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Thurston Ave Apartments Inventory

RABCO‘s 18-unit, 57-bedroom Thurston Avenue Apartments project is showing completed brick facade work, sitework to prep for a new parking lot and driveway, some landscaping stonework, and the HardieTrim panels and synthetic stucco is coming along on Buildings C & D. The Marvin Integrity windows were installed back in June, and the buildings were fully-framed, wrapped, and roofed throughout the month of May.

The project is being built by G.M. Crisalli & Associates, with design by HOLT Architects, and landscape by TWLA.  Occupancy is expected in August, for students moving-in to begin the Fall semester.


July 24th:

Building C:


Building D:

Site Plan below (Building A, the small one in the corner will be a later phase):


July 2nd:



Thurston Avenue Apartments June Photo Update

June 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

RABCO Highland House‘s 57-bedroom Thurston Avenue Apartments project has had complete roofing for weeks now, and almost all of the double-hung grilled Marvin windows have now been installed in the rough openings. By now interior framing is complete, the electric, plumbing, sprinklers and fixtures are in the rough-ins phase, and drywall, paint, and flooring should follow along afterwards. The exterior already has brick veneer base, which will transition to Hardie boards and synthetic stucco the rest of the way up. The exterior facade and paving/curbing should go quickly, since the buildings are leased for August occupancy. The site design is by Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects, with architecture by HOLT, and construction managed by G.M. Crisalli & Associates.






Thurston Ave Apartments Late April Photo Update

April 28, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

RABCO Highland House’s Thurston Avenue Apartments project has continued framing progress, as all three Buildings have topped-out to their final storeys, and Buildings B and C have complete trusses and plywood roofs. Building D is being trussed this week, which will conclude the framing that can be seen from the exterior. The exterior walls have been fully wrapped with Tyvek water barrier wrap, and roofing tiles began install last week.

The general contractor on this project is G.M. Crisalli, with framing by Compass Builders, and design by HOLT Architects.

Photos from April 24th:

Building C:

Building D:

Photos from April 10th:


7 Ridgewood Road Proposal: April Site Plan Review Meeting

April 22, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Ithacating picked up this project in the initial planning stages this past December, and throughout the planning stages the project has been re-worked, and has also been the subject of an online petition, and a withdrawn re-zoning proposal that would have eliminated the project altogether.

The revised 105,790 square foot project shows three 3-story buildings (plus underground parking) with a total of 45 units and 114 beds with 57 parking spaces on the 2 1/2 acre parcel. There are also four loading spaces, 36 covered bicycle spaces and 6 uncovered. In the latest site plan, Building One’s footprint has been altered to accommodate the 25′ setback under the R-U zoning. The updated slides were also presented in a public meeting on April 15th to local neighbors, where questions and comments about this project, housing development in Ithaca, zoning, and the Thurston Avenue Apartments project were discussed.

The City of Ithaca Planning & Development Meeting focused on the updated landscaping plans, the green roofs, cladding materials (stone selections, lapboard, fiber cement board) and project considerations included in the Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF), which includes exhibit sections on the impact on land, flooding, plants and animals, aesthetic resources/community character, cultural resources, transportation, and human health.

The project is being developed by CA Student Living, LLC (a CA-Ventures project, formerly Campus Acquisitions), and designed by architecture firm Shepley Bulfinch out of Boston, with local design assistance by Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects, Elwyn & Palmer Consulting Engineers, and legal representation by Phillips Lytle LLP out of Rochester.

Project Render:

Site Plan:

Photo Simulations of Views from Nearby:

Zoning Analysis:

Building One Elevation:

Floor Plans:

Thurston Avenue Apartments Framing Progress & One Ridgewood Road Photos

March 24, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

There’s been some framing progress on Building D of RABCO‘s Thurston Avenue Apartments project since early March. The structures are being framed on top of the Insulated Concrete Forms with wood studs and joists, and faced with plywood, then Tyvek wrap on the exterior- the buildings will be fully sprinklered once completed. G.M. Crisalli Construction has been contracted for this project, and Compass Builders has been completing the framing work. Building D will top-out at one more storey plus attic, along with the other three structures.




Photos from March 24th:

Photos from March 14th:

The proposed One Ridgewood Road project site is just across the street from here, so I took a few photos of each side.

Ithacating has great information on the project, and a nice explanation of the petition developments here.

Highland Avenue side:

Ridgewood Road side: