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Thurston Ave Apartments May Photo Update

May 20, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

With a target opening date of August, progress on RABCO Highland House‘s Thurston Avenue Apartments project has advanced along, with envelope framing completion on Buildings C & D and only a small section of tar paper and roofing tiles needed to complete the roof installation on Building D, as the other two buildings have been finished.

The base sections of brick facade were laid last month, and the rest of the facade will consist of a combination of Hardie trim boards, textured synthetic stucco (EIFS) finished in several different colors, and Hardie soffit panels. The windows and doors were reviewed by the Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission late last year due to Cornell Heights Historic District considerations, and will include Integrity fiberglass grilled double hung windows, and Marvin commercial doors finished to match the facade colors.