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Cayuga Place Residences Foundation Work

May 19, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The Bloomfield/Schon + Partners‘ 45-unit Cayuga Place Residences project is moving along on foundation work, with a combination of reinforced concrete footings and STELCOR augur grouted steel core displacement piles (the grid of steel tubes with caps sticking out of the ground). I mentioned these in a post back in March; they’re a form of micro-pile whereby the drilling auger goes into the soil, creates displacement, then the reservoir gap is filled with grout, water is poured in for the mixture to cure, then the interior core of the steel auger is filled with grout and stays in the ground. They’re necessary to stabilize the weight of the building in this soil, which is challenging to build on.

The excavation and footings will continue along the footprint of the building, then we should be seeing structural steelwork follow-up to frame the building. There’s also been some sitework for plumbing. The work is being done by Turnbull-Wahlert Construction, the same firm that completed Cayuga Place, the adjacent Cayuga Street Parking Garage, and also the general contractor for TC3’s Coltivare buildout on the ground floor.







More Photos from May 19th:

Photos from May 8th:

  • Ex-Ithacan

    Jason, have you seen any info about a construction schedule? I was wondering when they expect to complete this project. Seems like this has been on the board for years (ha-ha). So glad there’s finally movement.

    • Not sure, but if I had to guess, on a tight schedule: foundation to about mid-summer, concrete or block stairwell/elevator shafts, steel superstructure and decking into Fall, close-up for winter to rough-in MEP and start finish-work, facade and glass panelling as soon as winter breaks, and finish-work to summer of next year. I’ll double-check, but I imagine they’re targeting leasing season for summer of next year.

      • Ex-Ithacan

        Works for me. Thanks Jason, I hope you’re right.

        • Received word that scheduled completion is February of next year, with the aim of finishing some lower level units this winter, and opening-up the rest for spring leasing season, so the facade will definitely be going-in to close-up for winter beforehand. It’s going to be fun watching this go up; that’s a solid schedule

          • Ex-Ithacan

            Whoa, great news, I didn’t expect it to be that quick. Look forward to your updates……….thank goodness for Ithaca Builds.