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Cayuga Place Residences Moving Forward this Year

March 5, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Bloomfield/Schon’s 45-unit Cayuga Place Residences project looks set to break ground this year, as the Ithaca Times has reported that the team has come up with a foundation system addressing the poor soil conditions, and financing for the project has been secured. The land purchase option will be extended by the City and a $10,000 payment by the developer so that the bank financing the project can finalize their review of the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment and subsequently provide proof of financing.

The design and engineering team came up with a plan to use “shallow depth augur grouted steel core displacement piles,” probably from IDEAL, a company based out of Rochester, NY that manufactures a system called STELCOR. The drilling auger goes into the soil, creates displacement in the soil, then the reservoir gap is filled with grout, water is poured in for the mixture to cure, then the interior core of the steel auger is filled with grout, and topped-off. The steel auger core stays in the ground as part of the structure of the pile.




  • lexluthor666

    Good news for downtown. Any word on when we can expect groundbreakings for the Marriott or Harold’s Square?

    • Last I saw, the Marriott project was requesting bids for a GC (I think for the 24th revision now), and Harold’s Square is looking around for a commercial anchor tenant. It’s gotta be tough finding an organization looking for a large plate of office and also for the retail, but the financing likely depends on solid commitments for both.

      • lexluthor666

        Geez, that doesn’t sound good. Is 24 revisions anywhere near standard?

        Maybe it would’ve made more sense to pledge the CU/IC/TC3 incubator to Harold’s Square where a plan’s already in place to put up 5+ floors of space…or made the tower portion a hotel and/or residential instead. A search for serious anchor tenants like that sounds like it could leave that swatch of the Commons dead for a long time.

        • For a lot of value-engineering, it can be, but it probably has more to do with seeking updated bid prices as time has passed.
          Timing for the incubator is a big priority- the CU/IC/TC3 team noted that they have coordinated with many startups that could fill the space as soon as it’s complete, whereas Harold’s Square would be some time coming, but it could make sense for businesses that get off the ground, or as an expansion space.
          HS is proposing 11,000 SF retail, and 41,200 SF office, so that sizing will take some time. An urban Staples or Apple store is around 8,000 SF, and 41,200 SF of office could accommodate 274 people if we figure 150 SF per person. HS does however, present the opportunity for another national retailer, since the retail space available is so large.