Ithaca Builds

Mapping, photos and information for Ithaca construction and development projects


Ithaca Builds started in early May 2013 to provide a way for people to explore, learn about, and discuss development in the Ithaca area.

Enjoy the site! 


Awesome photo by Jon Reis
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  • Vinny

    Wow! Love the site! Definitely will be keeping up on what is going on. I will spread the word about this site as well, love it!

    • BC

      Hi guys,

      I must say, this is all very impressive. Jason, I can’t seem to find your email on this site, so I’ve attached my personal email with this comment for easier communication – if you have any questions or ideas I might be able to offer some comment on, feel free to email me, and we’ll get a dialogue going.

      Ithacating in Cornell Heights

  • jan

    Nice work, guys. I think this site is going to grown into a great resource for all of us Ithacators.

  • Ex-Ithacan

    Thanks for those pics on the Commons rebuild. Terrific views. I have to admit I’m checking this site constantly. Keep it going guys.

  • Ex-Ithacan

    Just wondering if you saw the youtube vid about Purity Ice Cream project?
    (type in purity ice cream ithaca)

    • Jason Henderson

      Good video- looks like it was done by IC students. It’s nice to see Ithaca College take interest in downtown- the film school has been especially noticeable in producing some great work in the downtown area.

  • Ex-Ithacan

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the update photos of the projects. Great to see the progress, especially when I live so far away.

  • broccoli del bloque

    Seriously? I somehow just managed to spend more than an hour reading about development projects. Impressive blog. And helpful for temporary exiles like me who want to keep up with current events in Ithaca. Keep up the good work!

  • Ex-Ithacan

    Did you happen to see the article in the IJ (1/17/14) regarding the Carey Building? Looks like there will be renovations which could include up to three additional floors. Doesn’t appear that the “plans” to build a Hampton Inn there is possible now. I hope the incubator is successful and results in more small business development in downtown as well as the rest of the Ithaca area and the Southern Tier in general.

    • Yes- I’m going to postpone writing about it since I have professional involvement (I work for Travis Hyde Properties). If everyone involved is okay with it, I’m hoping to do a series on it with the photos, documentation, challenges, etc.- give people an idea of how a project like this looks. Hopefully I’ll know soon enough, but I’ll make sure to run it through the necessary procedure. It’s definitely been fun to work on thus far, and I think it will turn out nicely for downtown.

      • Ex-Ithacan

        Look forward to your input (once the situation permits). Thanks Jason.

  • Kevin Scott

    you’re doing a great job with this, keep up the good work. I love reading about who the architect is or which contractors are doing the work.

  • ausavage

    Thanks for such an awesome resource! I check in here often for updates, especially about Press Bay Alley and developments on the West End (where our office is located). I’m curious – have you heard of any plans for further extension of the waterfront trail down Floral Ave? The first expansion was completed last summer, but we’ve heard rumors that there’s plans in the works for a pedestrian / bike bridge over the water to Cherry Street.

    • I know of the bridge plans from Floral then over both inlet channels along Buffalo/Route 96, but haven’t heard of definite plans yet for the extension down Floral Ave or the bridge to Cherry. I think the hope would be for the extension to meet with the future southern portion of the Black Diamond Trail there; the last cost estimate was about $5 million I believe, including the bridge across. CWT phase 2 plans here:

  • Linda Farthing

    Hi- Are any of these new projects in downtown Ithaca condos for sale? A lot of the descriptions do not specify this. Thanks!