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Klarman Hall Structural Steel Complete

April 7, 2015 // by Jason Henderson

Hats off to Welliver and the crew from Raulli & Sons Ironworks sticking it out through the winter to get the structural steel done. Steel crane is now off site, and as the project rolls on, the new folding jib telescopic tower crane is up-and-running for the remainder of the work, especially the Josef Gartner glass installers that will be working on the glazed ceiling and wall systems that compose the atrium structure.

Throughout the structural phase, many of the exterior wall frames have now been assembled and sheathed with glass-mat sheathing in preparation for sandstone panels and various cladding types, and trades for electrical, plumbing, sprinkler systems, etc. have been busy. Interior framing started on the North side in March, and drywall and paint will be taking up much of May and June.

Photos from April 6th:
Klarman-Hall-Cornell-040615 - 3

Klarman-Hall-Cornell-040615 - 2 (1)

Klarman-Hall-Cornell-040615 - 1

Photos from March 10th:

Klarman_Hall-Cornell_Ithaca_031015 - 2

Klarman_Hall-Cornell_Ithaca_031015 - 3



Cornell’s Klarman Hall Project Finishing Structural Steel

March 1, 2015 // by Jason Henderson

Welliver has been working away on Cornell’s 33,250 square-foot Klarman Hall Project throughout this winter, and in the next week or so, should be complete with all structural steel components. The construction has been split between the south and north sections in each phase since starting the enabling work in September 2013 and pursuant foundation excavation and foundation footings in July 2014. The two sections contain classrooms, offices, and the north section a 350-seat auditorium, and are joined by a large interior atrium, utilizing the rotunda of Goldwin-Smith Hall for seating, food/cafe counter service, and ingress/egress. Klarman and Goldwin-Smith will be combined through several connecting hallways and common areas as well, as shown in the plans below.

Since October, the structural steel contractor Raulli & Sons Ironworkers out of Syracuse have been delivering, craning, bolting, and welding the steel columns and beams into place, along with the massive atrium trusses that stretch the two main structural sections. As steel finished-up on the south section late November, crews moved-in to deck the floors with corrugated sheet metal and applied steel mesh to reinforce the concrete floor pours. Once the concrete dried in January, framers came in to frame the walls with steel studs and sheetrock the walls. According to the schedule (end of post), Josef Gartner comes on-site to mobilize this march to install the glass atrium. Once the large hoist crane for the steel is off-site, and the lane is cleared of equipment, East Ave will be opened-up to two-way traffic again by April 20th.

Speciality trades, framing, and drywall will take-up much activity on both the South and North Sections until June/July, and by the Fall, painting, building systems, and finish-work will be left to tackle. The project is slated for a December 2015 delivery.

Photos taken February 27th:




Floor Plans:



Photos taken January 4th:


Photos taken December 14th:




Photos taken November 24th:




Photos taken November 3rd:


Photos taken October 14th:




Cornell Sesquicentennial Grove

October 19, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

I missed this one as it was going in, but here’s the finished 1,700 square foot concrete and granite installation: Cornell’s Sesquicentennial Commemorative Grove. The Homecoming celebration over the weekend seemed quite well attended, and Cornell setup a webpage about the events, along with a nice historic timeline. The project cost around $650,000, and was designed by Weiss/Manfredi (post from last December, more renderings here), built by Welliver, and was dedicated by President Skorton last Friday. The project was spearheaded by Professor Isaac Kramnick.

The project sits atop Libe Slope, aligned with the statues of Ezra Cornell, between McGraw and Morrill Halls, and the statue of Andrew D. White in front of Goldwin Smith Hall. The surface engravings show the timeline along the horizontal granite midsection, and the vertical and horizontal engravings on the benches are of famous quotes from Cornellians.

“We have not invited you to see a university finished, but to see one begun.” -Ezra Cornell







Steel Erectors at Work on Klarman Hall

October 8, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s future 33,250 square foot Klarman Hall project being built by Welliver has finished-up the north and south foundations, and steel erectors are on site craning and bolting steel columns and beams in place on the south end. The columns are anchored to each foundation footing cap or pier, then the beams between each column are bolted and welded to the proper connection. The north end’s steel work should be completed by early November, and we’ll see the atrium steel assembly commence and complete throughout November.

Photos from September 29th:


Photos from October 5th:




Klarman Hall September Construction Update

September 24, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The future 33,250 square foot Klarman Hall project being constructed between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall by Welliver has completed the north and south foundation walls, and in addition to progress on the retaining foundation wall along East Ave, the southern concrete wall has been formed and poured. Because of the steep grade and excavation, concrete trucks park on East Ave and unload concrete into crane buckets that hoist the pours over to each form.

The structure represents Cornell’s first Humanities Building in over 100 years (Goldwin Smith was built in 1892). The design was done by Koetter | Kim & Associates.

Photos from September 7th:


Photos from September 16th:


Photos from September 21st:



Klarman Hall August End Photo Update

September 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s future 33,250 square foot Klarman Hall Project being constructed by Welliver has continued progress on the concrete wall along East Avenue and the south foundation walls. The shoring wall along East Ave (driven into place over the summer) holds the soil back as rebar is assembled, then large steel forms are craned in place and secured, and concrete is poured section-by-section going south to north. It’s hard to make out the status of the north foundation walls, but looking at the schedule, we should see rebar assembly there shortly. The south foundation walls have been completed, and steel erection above these walls should begin soon. Photos from August 20th and September 1st below:

Photos taken August 20th:



Photos taken September 1st:





Design by Koetter | Kim & Associates

Klarman Hall Mid-August Photo Update

August 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s a photo update (July 29th to August 14th) for Cornell’s 33,250 square-foot Klarman Hall project, a new Humanities building to be situated between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall along East Avenue. Over the past few weeks, rebar and concrete forms for the south end and north end footings have been assembled and the south end footings and western foundation walls look partially completed. The shoring wall along East Ave is being prepped for pouring concrete as well, as large steel concrete forms are craned into position to sandwich the rebar assemblies between the form and shoring wall. Steel erection over top of the south end’s foundation walls begins later this month, and by mid-September, the north end foundation walls will be completed and ready for structure assembly.

The building is designed by Koetter | Kim & Associates, with construction by Welliver.

July 29th:


August 3rd:


August 6th:



August 14th:






Klarman Hall Project Digs Bedrock, Constructing Footings

July 26, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Excavation work for Cornell’s Klarman Hall Project between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall has been making its way into bedrock, as Maine Drilling and Blasting has removed stone in the northern and southern blast zones. The foundation footings follow-up after the rock blasting, and it looks as if Welliver has constructed a series of rebar bends to form the reinforcement for some of the southern footings below. It’s been interesting getting a glimpse of the outside wall of Goldwin Smith Hall’s foundation: just a combination of stone, brick, and mortar, probably well over 2 feet thick. The building was originally constructed in 1892, around the time the two-way telegraph was invented to put things into perspective.

July 24th:






The slate and metal re-roofing of Goldwin Smith Hall seems to have made its way to the central wing as well:



July 19th:



July 2nd:



Collegetown Terrace Late June Photo Update

June 25, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

So admittedly, I post a lot of photos of this project, but it’s quite a spectacle now that the site is relatively opened-up. It looks like Welliver has completed their major portion of the work contract for Novarr-Mackesey, and crews for interior finish work and cleaning have moved on site to have the apartments ready for incoming occupants; on the left (west) side, Building 5 contains 167 units and Building 6 (east) contains 71 units. Landscaping work has been progressing around the building edges, and the new drive lanes south of Buildings 5 & 6 have been paved and curbed. There will probably be some sort of barrier or fence constructed along the south slope for excavation work for the final structure, Building 7, which will be the largest, likely to come-in at 247 units. I’m not sure of a start date, but my guess would be sometime late Fall.






Klarman Hall Digs Deeper

June 18, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Rock removal and blasting began late May by Maine Drilling and Blasting, as the project reaches further into the ground, removing rock and soil for the future foundations of Klarman Hall, which will sit between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall. The shoring beams are tied with lag boards to support the hillside as the digging goes deeper, but the blasting should be finished-up by July. Here’s an updated project schedule from the project page:

18 Jun 2014 | East Ave Shoring complete
24 Jun 2014 | Complete Rock removal South
01 Jul 2014 | Complete Rock removal North
16 Jul 2014 | South Footings complete
06 Aug 2014 | North Footings complete
27 Aug 2014 | South Foundation walls complete
28 Aug 2014 | Steel erection begins
17 Sep 2014 | North Foundation walls complete
01 Oct 2014 | South Steel Complete
05 Nov 2014 | North Steel complete
19 Nov 2014 | Atrium steel installed

All the underpinnings were completed last month, and we should be seeing foundation work start in the next couple weeks. Concrete forms will be situated starting at the south end, then steel reinforcement tied in-place, then concrete poured into the form. The foundation walls and steel erection phases will also go from south to north, so by the time northern foundation walls are being formed, structural steel will have begun placement on the south end. Should be a nice one to watch as it goes up. Quite an elevation change too; this one starts well below-grade, a lot like the recent Law School Expansion, constructiom which was also managed by Welliver. The design for Klarman Hall is by Koetter | Kim & Associates.

June 18th:


June 15th:


May 26th: