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Collegetown Terrace Mid-March Project Photos

March 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Novarr-Mackesey‘s Collegetown Terrace project is showing good progress on both facades of Building 5 & 6, as work by Welliver is picking-up steam on the exterior for the start of construction season, which will likely coincide with the start for Building 7 along the southern edge of the site. Both buildings have full polypropylene wrap, and the northern facade of Building 5 looks complete along the western end (except the stair tower), and both southern faces of Building 5 & 6 are moving along with what I believe are a combination of fiber cement panels, metal panels, and sections of synthetic stucco. It’s hard to believe, but only 5 months ago, Building 6 looked like this (left), and this end of Building 5 looked like this (right):


Now in March 2014, we’re coming-up on both Buildings 5 & 6 ready for leasing for the start of Fall semester, which, as noted in Ithacating, means an addition of 167 units (Building 5) and 71 units (Building 6), for a total of 238 units. Building 7 is now planning for 247 units (up from 178), with the appeal before the Board of Zoning Appeals to convert the second parking level to dorm-style units, which will be leased at more affordable rates. The appeal must be sought due to zoning for minimum parking requirements and minimum lot area per number of housing units.

Photos from Friday, March 14th:

Building 5:

Building 6:

South end of the site, where excavation for Building 7 will begin this year:

North face of Building 5: