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Cornell Sesquicentennial Grove

October 19, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

I missed this one as it was going in, but here’s the finished 1,700 square foot concrete and granite installation: Cornell’s Sesquicentennial Commemorative Grove. The Homecoming celebration over the weekend seemed quite well attended, and Cornell setup a webpage about the events, along with a nice historic timeline. The project cost around $650,000, and was designed by Weiss/Manfredi (post from last December, more renderings here), built by Welliver, and was dedicated by President Skorton last Friday. The project was spearheaded by Professor Isaac Kramnick.

The project sits atop Libe Slope, aligned with the statues of Ezra Cornell, between McGraw and Morrill Halls, and the statue of Andrew D. White in front of Goldwin Smith Hall. The surface engravings show the timeline along the horizontal granite midsection, and the vertical and horizontal engravings on the benches are of famous quotes from Cornellians.

“We have not invited you to see a university finished, but to see one begun.” -Ezra Cornell







Cornell Sesquicentennial Commemorative Grove

December 23, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell has just proposed a landscaping project for 2015 to celebrate its Sesquicentennial Anniversary (that’s 150 years, Cornell was founded in 1865) on the Arts Quad. The sketch plan proposal (embedded below) by Weiss/Manfredi (see Museum of the Earth and the future Vet School) shows a series of stone benches and surfaces below Central Avenue with lighting above in the treeline, and engravings of significant events in Cornell’s history along the main path going West, and quotes by famous Cornellians on the benches. Looks to be a neat project. As shown in the plans, the intent is to align the Grove with the statue of Ezra Cornell between McGraw and Morrill Halls, and the statue of Andrew D. White in front of Goldwin Smith Hall.

May, 2014 Update: Project cost is estimated at $521,700