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Statler Hall Entry Renovation Nearing Completion

September 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s $2.4 million Statler Hall Entry Renovation project seems to be nearing completion: the exterior limestone veneer facade sections are installed, and the second floor interior ductwork and mechanicals have been wrapped in insulation. Next up are final touches to the exterior- aluminum trim work between the glass curtain wall, roof fascia, stone base sill, bike racks, and the remainder of the interior finishes.

The design is by KSS Architects and M/E Engineering, and the project has been managed in-house by Cornell Facilities Services.
The renovation is intended to match the additions that have been completed on the eastern and southern sides: the Beck Center along the eastern side (Phase One Expansion), and the renovated auditorium tower on the southern side (Phase Two expansion). KSS Architects designed both the Beck Center and the Tower Renovation

Photos from September 1st:

Photos from September 7th:

Photos from September 15th:

Before Photo:

Klarman Hall August End Photo Update

September 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s future 33,250 square foot Klarman Hall Project being constructed by Welliver has continued progress on the concrete wall along East Avenue and the south foundation walls. The shoring wall along East Ave (driven into place over the summer) holds the soil back as rebar is assembled, then large steel forms are craned in place and secured, and concrete is poured section-by-section going south to north. It’s hard to make out the status of the north foundation walls, but looking at the schedule, we should see rebar assembly there shortly. The south foundation walls have been completed, and steel erection above these walls should begin soon. Photos from August 20th and September 1st below:

Photos taken August 20th:



Photos taken September 1st:





Design by Koetter | Kim & Associates

Statler Hall Entry Nearing Completion

August 22, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s $2.4 million Statler Hall Entry Renovation is wrapping-up, as work crews finished hanging glass on the curtain wall, all exterior framing, graded and poured cement walkway, stone walls, stone base facade, and metal facade panels this past week. The new entry houses an expanded ground floor entry vestibule, additional second floor space, and significant mechanical and HVAC upgrades. The design was done by KSS Architects, whom completed the designs for the previous Beck Center and Statler Auditorium and Tower Renovations. The original limestone-clad building was completed in 1949.

Photos from August 14th:

Photos from August 20th:






Klarman Hall Mid-August Photo Update

August 16, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s a photo update (July 29th to August 14th) for Cornell’s 33,250 square-foot Klarman Hall project, a new Humanities building to be situated between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall along East Avenue. Over the past few weeks, rebar and concrete forms for the south end and north end footings have been assembled and the south end footings and western foundation walls look partially completed. The shoring wall along East Ave is being prepped for pouring concrete as well, as large steel concrete forms are craned into position to sandwich the rebar assemblies between the form and shoring wall. Steel erection over top of the south end’s foundation walls begins later this month, and by mid-September, the north end foundation walls will be completed and ready for structure assembly.

The building is designed by Koetter | Kim & Associates, with construction by Welliver.

July 29th:


August 3rd:


August 6th:



August 14th:






Statler Hall Entry Renovation Early August

August 11, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Updated photos here from August 3rd and August 6th for Cornell’s Statler Hall Entry Renovation project that has been going on this summer (infill project for a new 450 square foot vestibule and also second floor space above). At this pace, I’m sure a lot more has been done since the time this is posted: the exterior wall framing looks to have been completed by the end of July, along with fiberglass sheathing around the support wall and side wall. The interior shows rapid HVAC and electric installation, and the glass curtain wall has been assembled well beyond halfway in the span of about four days. Design by KSS Architects, and project being managed in-house by Cornell Facilities Services.

August 3rd:


August 6th:





Statler Hall Entry July Photo Update II

July 29, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s Statler Hall has been in the midst of an entry renovation project on the western side of the building, and throughout the month of July, the steel columns have been set on the foundation footings, and the steel beams, joists, corrugated metal decking, partial exterior wall frame, and partial HVAC system has been assembled. There’s also some framing work on the ground floor interior, where the new vestibule will meet the partially-renovated lobby area, which is being built back-up with concrete slab-on-grade and existing radiant floor heating. The lighting, mechanical systems, and most finishes will be entirely new, but certain aspects of the interior and exterior are intended to match existing, like the bluestone floor tiles, veneer and limestone veneer panels. The curtain wall and metal awning suspended by steel cords reflects the design of the more recent Beck Center and Tower Renovation, also designed by KSS Architects.

Photos from July 24th:


Photos from July 29th:




Statler Ground Floor Entry

Statler First Floor Entry

Klarman Hall Project Digs Bedrock, Constructing Footings

July 26, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Excavation work for Cornell’s Klarman Hall Project between the wings of Goldwin Smith Hall has been making its way into bedrock, as Maine Drilling and Blasting has removed stone in the northern and southern blast zones. The foundation footings follow-up after the rock blasting, and it looks as if Welliver has constructed a series of rebar bends to form the reinforcement for some of the southern footings below. It’s been interesting getting a glimpse of the outside wall of Goldwin Smith Hall’s foundation: just a combination of stone, brick, and mortar, probably well over 2 feet thick. The building was originally constructed in 1892, around the time the two-way telegraph was invented to put things into perspective.

July 24th:






The slate and metal re-roofing of Goldwin Smith Hall seems to have made its way to the central wing as well:



July 19th:



July 2nd:



Cornell Gannett Health Center Expansion

July 8, 2014 // by Jason Henderson


Cornell’s Gannett Health Center will be undergoing a $55 million expansion project that will increase the total gross square footage from 35,000 to approximately 96,000 GSF by 2017. The expansion will be done in three phases for a 4-story curved wing from south to north-west along Campus Road, with an interior centered around three equally-sized Integrated Care Modules, vertically stacked on each floor (ICMs combine both primary/medical and mental health services). Cornell University Health Services sees around 90,000 annual clinical visits with a total staff around 200. The design team includes Chiang | O’Brien Architects, TG Miller P.C.Engineers and Surveyors, and Ryan Briggs Structural Engineers.

Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - A200-C202 - 06-04-14-2

Construction Phasing:


The new 55,000 GSF UHSF Building (north-west corner) will be constructed in the three phases over the course of 2.5 years, and once constructed, the Gannett Center will move-in, then 22,400 GSF of the existing 35,000 GSF building will be completely renovated. In that same Phase Two, the new 18,600 GSF building at the south-east corner will be constructed. Phase Three will be a re-construction of the entrance along Ho Plaza.

Here are some shots from the submitted plans:





Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - A200-C202 - 06-04-14

Here are the floor layouts for the Phase One portion of the project:

Pages from Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - Phase 1 - 06-04-14_Page_1

Pages from Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - Phase 1 - 06-04-14_Page_2

Pages from Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - Phase 1 - 06-04-14_Page_3

Pages from Gannett Health Services Building - SPR Application - Drawings - Phase 1 - 06-04-14_Page_4

Site Plan Review Part 1
Site Plan Review Part 2
Site Plan Review Part 3
Site Plan Review Part 4

Statler Hall Renovation July Photo Update

July 2, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The Statler Hall Entry Renovation on the western side of the building is in progress, as excavation work made way for new foundations for the future structural column to support the corner of the bumped-out 450 square foot vestibule, and also for the future benches outside the entry. The $2.4 million project will join the list of three previous major renovations to the building (not invluding the Beck Center and Tower Renovation), originally built in 1949. Updated photos below:

Photos from July 2nd:



Photos from June 19th:




Sage Chapel Restoration Project Begins

June 25, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

This is a hard one to see because of all the trees in the way, but the Sage Chapel Restoration project has begun. A perimeter fence has been setup, along with full scaffolding around the work zone, and the slate roof is being carefully removed for re-roofing. The work on the exterior will focus on restoring the slate roof in certain areas, roof flashing, and brick and stone masonry that has weathered over time, and the interior work will see the repair of the apse window. More details about the project and history from a previous post here, with photos from earlier this year.