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Scenes from the Commons Rebuild Project

November 4, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Bank Alley continues to take shape as Raulli & Sons secured the Bernie Milton Pavilion roof assembly on the structure last week. Syrstone continues to spread stone base and install pavers along Bank alley, and future planters and benches are taking form along the eastern extension to Aurora Street. Power & Construction has already completed wiring and round footings for the pole lamps, which will permanently replace the temporary lighting as the surfaces phase progresses.

Photos taken October 30th:


New sidewalk bump-out around Starbucks and Kilpatricks:

Photos taken November 3rd:
The New Bernie Milton Pavilion:




Home Dairy Alley gets new concrete:


Downtown Marriott Project Selects General Contractor

October 28, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Binghamton-based William H. Lane Inc. General Contractors has been selected to lead the construction for the downtown Ithaca Marriott project, which should be breaking ground later this year. The project is being developed by Urgo Hotels, a group out of Bethesda, Maryland with over 30 hotels under management.

The Marriott will be a 159-room, 10-story hotel with a restaurant/bar on the lobby level designed by Cooper Carry. The total development cost was pegged at $32 million, and is scheduled for spring 2017 completion.

Below are the updated renders and site plan review materials, reflecting the final designs and materials for the project:




Commons Rebuild Updated Photos

December 3, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

As announced on the Ithaca Commons project page, Vacri Construction‘s team wrapped-up last week for this year’s Phase Two, but they’ll be returning sometime between January and March to finish-up some additional telecom work. For now, the space in front of Center Ithaca is opened-up and paved for events (Ice Wars and Chowder Cook-Off is December 13th & 14th).
The Surface Improvements Phase begins Spring 2014, which will see the installation of the new pavers, chairs, tables, play structures, pavillion, and other features that will greatly enhance the public space. Plans for the improvements posted here.



Harold’s Square Final Drawings

September 3, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Along with 130 E Clinton St and Cayuga Green II, Harold’s Square was approved at last Tuesday’s Planning Board meeting, and here is the final set of site plans. The final build is as follows:
140‐foot tall
132,000 Gross SF
11,000 SF of ground‐floor retail
41,200 SF upper‐story office (three stories)
Six stories of residential (up to 36 units)

As described in the Planning agenda, the project as proposed may require a State Building Code Variance, a Type I Action under both the City and State Environmental Quality Review Ordinance/Act: rules found here. The referenced actions are for construction [on] a historic structure (1)(h)[4], a development with more than 15 dwelling units (1)[k], and a development with more than 50,000 Gross SF (1)[n]. The referenced State rule (SEQR Act 617.4 (b)(9)) is for historic considerations as well.




Commons Rebuild Phase Two Boots on the Ground

August 28, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

As the Commons Rebuild site announced a couple weeks ago, Phase Two of the rebuild has kicked-off, amidst a slight delay due to atypical-size piping of the 100 year old water main, and telecom lines running directly above sanitary lines discovered in the Bank Alley section. This phase of the project was awarded to Vacri Construction, General Contractors out of Binghamton, NY, although telecom and non-municipal utility providers will be working alongside on their new services.



Harold’s Square Revised Drawings

August 20, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Harold’s Square released some revised drawings here for review at the next Planning Board meeting on the 27th. I don’t spot too much difference, besides some minor changes in the separation of retail spaces on the ground floor (now it just shows it wide open), and the southern hallways and atrium spaces. The previous post with the project schedule shows structural demolition beginning two months from now, so we’re closing-in on some planned start dates.

The Draft FEAF is citing a start in Spring 2014 though, which seems more likely:

Harold’s Square Site Plan Drawings & Logistics

June 25, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s a revised set of site plan drawings focusing on the project logistics, a plan showing the pedestrian access path, and a letter from Taylor (and memo) detailing some of the points brought up in site plan review. According to the letter, the alley side will see about 95% of the work, staging and deliveries. The foundation work is staged so that the timing will coincide with the completion of utility work on the Commons, an essential deadline for Harold’s Square to start their foundation process. They’re using a Mat Foundation, an ancient technique whereby the structure is primarily supported by a massive continuous layer of footing, in this case, reinforced concrete, poured until complete (see last pdf embed for details). It should be interesting to watch- I’m not sure how many concrete trucks it will take, but I imagine it will be “just in time” lineups for the entire day that this process is scheduled in the project timeline.

Harold’s Square Historic Context & Project Schedule

June 24, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some interesting documents for the Harold’s Square project: the first is a letter from Chaintreuil | Jensen | Stark Architects on the historic considerations being made for the development, and the second is the project schedule by Taylor, The Builders (whom I assume is going to be the general contractor). According to this timeline, we’ll see the fence going up this September, and the doors open at the end of April, 2015.