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Harold’s Square Site Plan Drawings & Logistics

June 25, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s a revised set of site plan drawings focusing on the project logistics, a plan showing the pedestrian access path, and a letter from Taylor (and memo) detailing some of the points brought up in site plan review. According to the letter, the alley side will see about 95% of the work, staging and deliveries. The foundation work is staged so that the timing will coincide with the completion of utility work on the Commons, an essential deadline for Harold’s Square to start their foundation process. They’re using a Mat Foundation, an ancient technique whereby the structure is primarily supported by a massive continuous layer of footing, in this case, reinforced concrete, poured until complete (see last pdf embed for details). It should be interesting to watch- I’m not sure how many concrete trucks it will take, but I imagine it will be “just in time” lineups for the entire day that this process is scheduled in the project timeline.