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Downtown Marriott Project Selects General Contractor

October 28, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Binghamton-based William H. Lane Inc. General Contractors has been selected to lead the construction for the downtown Ithaca Marriott project, which should be breaking ground later this year. The project is being developed by Urgo Hotels, a group out of Bethesda, Maryland with over 30 hotels under management.

The Marriott will be a 159-room, 10-story hotel with a restaurant/bar on the lobby level designed by Cooper Carry. The total development cost was pegged at $32 million, and is scheduled for spring 2017 completion.

Below are the updated renders and site plan review materials, reflecting the final designs and materials for the project:




  • SPQRomanus

    This is good news, but it seems like your link is to the Binghamton version of a story that broke in Ithaca last month:

    Still worried this project won’t get off the ground…I’ve seen zero evidence of site prep and the end of the year target is rapidly approaching…it’s nearly November.

    • I’m betting something will get started up soon, then maybe break for winter. The General Contractor selection usually implies that a notice to proceed has been issued by the developer, so the clock for substantial completion timing may have begun. Either way, although Ithaca is quite insulated from the rest of the economy, we’re in the expansion phase of the RE cycle, so we’re likely to see many of the planned hotel projects come to fruition in the next few years due to more motivated lending, before we hit oversupply.

  • Ex-Ithacan

    I saw that the pre-construction barriers are going to placed soon. Looks like it’s finally happening, eh.