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130 E Clinton St

130 East Clinton St Project Description

May 14, 2013 // by Jason Henderson


Located between the Ithaca Police Department and Cityview Apartments (Ithaca Rentals), developer Jason Fane plans to put up three 3-level buildings consisting of 12 units each for a total of 36 units, equally split between studios, one and two bedrooms. No stranger to development in Ithaca, Jason Fane built Collegetown Plaza, Center, Court and owns a multitude of properties in Ithaca and is also building a 47-story luxury condominium tower in Toronto, CHAZ.

130 East Clinton Street Additional Plan Materials

August 22, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some additional plan materials that will be presented at the next Planning Board meeting on the 27th. These do a good job of showing the cross-section views of the slope and retaining walls, as well as an erosion and sediment control plan for the demolition and construction phase, and the stabilization phase. There are also updated detail drawings on the landscaping, and additional elevations and site sections.

130 E Clinton St Updated Site Plan

July 16, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some updated site plans for 130 E Clinton St. Looks as if the parking has increased along the western edges and there are revisions along the interface with Prospect Street to account for the new retaining wall (and the bridge is now open again).
Also addressed in the correspondence here between David Herrick at TG Miller and Tim Logue at the City of Ithaca: there’s a possibility that the tie-backs from a previous retaining wall along Prospect St. extend up to 70 feet into the adjacent slope (into where 130 E Clinton St is proposed- see this previous post for a few details).

130 E Clinton St Planting Plan

July 2, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

I’ll admit- I don’t know much about trees or plants, but here’s the planting plan submission and existing survey of the plants on the parcel for this project. Essentially, there’s nothing rare or unusual, and the planting plan looks quite respectful. At the planning board meeting there was some concern that the existing trees may be old growth, but it’s clear from the report that there isn’t any evidence of that. The development team indicated that there were significant remains of previous structures that had turned up in the soil study as well, like pieces of what was once a staircase, and probably a house or a shed.


130 E Clinton St Feasibility Analyses

June 28, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Inevitably in the Site Plan Review Process, the subject of this project being situated on a challenging grade came up (35 degrees in some areas), and the developers have prepared an impressive study showing how this will be accomplished. The main obstacle is assessing what’s called “global slope stability,” which is the assessment of the overall strength of the slope. The project must be constructed and engineered so that the top layers do not slide with the additional weight of construction equipment and the buildings themselves.
Gary Wood, an engineer in Ithaca conducted the study with the assistance of several specialist contractors (Nothnagle Drilling, TG Miller PC, Ravi Engineering, and information provided by the City from Bermingham Construction for the 1992 Police Station build next door).
The primary implications for the project include the planned deployment of soil monitors that will detect any shifts of the slope during construction, and that the foundations will be constructed “cast-in-place” (dug out, then poured on-site). See the third PDF section for a sketch of the excavation plan sequence and the fourth for the building construction sequence.




130 E Clinton St Additional Renders

June 25, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

A couple of these views have been incorporated in the revised site plan materials, but some have not, so here they are. As Ithacating noted, the design has been altered to look more boxy than before, and the hipped roofs are gone. In addition (to be posted shortly), the planning board has expressed concern about the project’s impact on the newly-installed retaining wall on Clinton St, specifically during construction.

130 E Clinton St Revised Site Plans

June 8, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The design on this project looks like it has changed a bit, and the render from the Six Mile Creek side offers a better idea of where on the hill this project would sit as viewed from the Creek Walk. It’s still slated for 36 units with a combination of studios, one and two bedrooms. The project narrative from the architect is below, along with the revised materials, which show the current grade and the proposed site grading.

Project Narrative:



Floor Plans:

130 E Clinton St Pre-Sitework Photos

May 11, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Clinton St. re-paving and curb shoring seems to be coming along nicely- it will be interesting to see how much of it (if any) will be re-done or altered to make room for the apartment development slated here.