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Old Elmira Road Project Photos

September 26, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Vitale Contractors has been working away on the Old Elmira Complete Streets project, excavating old stormwater drains, and installing new piping and precast concrete vaults, and backfilling with new stone. The new stormwater infrastructure has made it past the halfway point, and once complete, we should expect to see sidewalk and curbing forms lining the north side of the street.

The $1.3m Old Elmira Road Complete Streets Project is being funded with a $680,000 grant from the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, sidewalk assessments as determined by the new Sidewalk Policy (paid by the property owners), and the remaining sum from the City of Ithaca.





Old Elmira Road Complete Streets Project Mobilized

September 9, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The Old Elmira Road Complete Streets project has Vitale Contractors mobilized along the north side to excavate the side of the road and install new sewer, precast concrete manhole vaults, backfill with stone, and install curbing and new concrete sidewalks.  Trees have been cleared along the shopping plaza east entrance and excavation has begun at the southwest end, and will continue northeast until the traffic circle.





Old Elmira Road Complete Streets Project Starts Next Week

August 29, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Vitale Contractors start work on the Old Elmira Road Complete Streets Project next week, as plans were finalized and bid out earlier this year in June. The City of Ithaca received a grant of $680,000 from the Southern Tier Economic Development Council (our EDC regional council) to complete the work. Previous City policy holds that adjacent property owners are assessed for 50% of the cost of installation of curbing, and 100% of the cost for sidewalks, but according to the new sidewalk policy, the creation of a work credit would lessen the assessed burden.

The plans were completed by the City of Ithaca Department of Public Works, and include bike lanes, new sidewalks, and curbing from Route 13 to the roundabout with Spencer Road. Complete Streets is a planning concept and transportation policy that aims to safely include all transportation users (pedestrians, motor vehicles, cyclists, people of all ages), rather than focusing solely on motor vehicles.






Full Drawings Here

Traffic Signals, Signage, Curb Ramps & Marking Upgrades for Five Downtown Intersections

March 21, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The City of Ithaca has released a bid request for the replacement of five traffic signals, including the installation of new mast arm traffic signals and appurtenances, new sidewalk curb ramps and connections to existing sidewalks, intersection pavement milling and resurfacing, and new pavement markings. The bidding has officially opened this week, and bids will be accepted until April 9th, then read aloud at the Board of Public Works Meeting (probably the 14th). Once the contract is awarded, and notice is given to proceed, the full scope of work must be completed within 85 days, so the target completion will probably land in this summer, perhaps July or August.

Images from the plans along with maps embedded below:


Aurora Street and East State Street Intersection:



Cayuga Street and West State Street Intersection:



North Aurora Street and East Court Street Intersection:



North Cayuga Street and Court Street Intersection:



North Tioga Street and East Court Street Intersection:



State & Mitchell Intersection Lighting

January 5, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The crossing lights and automobile signalling lights have been installed on each of the poles, but the signalling sequences have yet to be programmed, and thus, the intersection is still an all-way stop- however, both lanes heading into the City on Mitchell Street have been opened-up for a few weeks now. The project contract sum is $342,677, awarded to Binghamton Road Electric, LLC (Bothar Construction), out of Binghamton, NY. $150,000 of the cost is being paid for by Cornell University, through the Cornell/Community Transportation Initiative.


Cayuga Waterfront Trail Phase Two Pathway Photos

October 19, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some photos along the pathway of the future trail to connect the Cass Park loop with the trail meeting the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. Besides the two bridges to be built across the inlet alongside Route 96, the path will go from the north alongside the end of 3rd Street, around Cornell’s Collyer boathouse and Ithaca College’s new (2010) Tallman boathouse, alongside the western shore before the inlet (around Cayuga Lake Cruises, Instant Printing, Enterprise), then west along Route 96.
The inlet portion of Route 96 seems to have plenty of space, and the trailhead sign and map are already located in a small park on the western side. The plan documents are here in a previous post.






October 7, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Soo… at long last, like many other folks that use the current trails, I was overjoyed to see these plans pop-up for City Planning Board consideration. These Phase Two plans are for the anticipated connection between the Stewart Park/Golf Course waterfront trail section and the Cass Park trail section, including bridges spanning the two waterways between the Cayuga inlet island. The plans show a proposed path from the Park Road trail section, then over the inlet following the Cliff Street and Buffalo Street bridges, and up along the inlet waterfront to just past 3rd Street, where the current trail meets and wraps around the Ithaca Farmer’s Market.

The Cayuga Waterfront Trail Initiative just launched a new website, which will likely provide further information on the proposed connection.

The design work was completed by Bergman Associates, and the new pedestrian/bike bridges will be accepting bids for design, fabricate and build pricing from the bridge contractors listed on the bridge scope document below.

State & Mitchell Utility & Prep-work for Traffic Light Poles

October 3, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The State and Mitchell intersection light pole concrete bases have been set, poured, and anchor plates are in, as well as what looks like the utility service to each future traffic light. Traffic up there has been Stop All Way since the new curbing work began, so I bet there will be a sigh of relief from many commuters once the lights are up.



Lake Street Bridge Work Planned, Old Elmira Road Delayed

September 18, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The City of Ithaca has announced a $1.464 million capital project to replace the deck and refurbish the structure of the Lake Street Bridge (the first bridge after Ithaca Falls, behind the high school) with an 80% reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration, and a 15% reimbursement from the NYS Department of Transportation.

In other civic news, the primary work for the Old Elmira Road complete street project has been delayed until next year.


State & Mitchell Intersection Curbs and Sidewalks

September 12, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Western curb was put in about a week ago, and now the eastern curb, eastern sidewalk, and most of the new western sidewalk is in place. Next up we should see finished hardscape, decals and pop-up for the lanes and bicycle jug handle, some prep work for running electric service, and the raising of the new traffic light poles.