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Mapping, photos and information for Ithaca construction and development projects

State & Mitchell Intersection Lighting

January 5, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The crossing lights and automobile signalling lights have been installed on each of the poles, but the signalling sequences have yet to be programmed, and thus, the intersection is still an all-way stop- however, both lanes heading into the City on Mitchell Street have been opened-up for a few weeks now. The project contract sum is $342,677, awarded to Binghamton Road Electric, LLC (Bothar Construction), out of Binghamton, NY. $150,000 of the cost is being paid for by Cornell University, through the Cornell/Community Transportation Initiative.


State & Mitchell: Light Poles Installed, Lights to Come

November 26, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The State & Mitchell Intersection now has poles installed for the future traffic lights at this crossroad of over 17,000 vehicles per day. The temporary all-way stop has generated some backed-up traffic for the past few months, especially during rush hours, but it looks as if the lights will be installed within a month.


Cayuga Waterfront Trail Phase Two Pathway Photos

October 19, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some photos along the pathway of the future trail to connect the Cass Park loop with the trail meeting the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. Besides the two bridges to be built across the inlet alongside Route 96, the path will go from the north alongside the end of 3rd Street, around Cornell’s Collyer boathouse and Ithaca College’s new (2010) Tallman boathouse, alongside the western shore before the inlet (around Cayuga Lake Cruises, Instant Printing, Enterprise), then west along Route 96.
The inlet portion of Route 96 seems to have plenty of space, and the trailhead sign and map are already located in a small park on the western side. The plan documents are here in a previous post.





State and Mitchell Redesign Plans

July 22, 2013 // by James Douglas

Final design (Plan 2B) approved back in February has been posted, but here were the alternative designs for this project.  The Ithaca Times article from January has a discussion about the plans, noting the significance in moving this forward due to the Collegetown Terrace project.



Plan 1A


Plan 1B


Plan 2A

Ithaca Bike Boulevard

June 10, 2013 // by James Douglas

Perhaps this post should be called the Safe Routes to School project, but we’re gonna go with Bike Boulevard Plan for this one. Building on the trend of creatively and effectively applying for grants, the City of Ithaca together with the Ithaca City School District were able to secure close to $300,000 from the NYS Department of Transportation to construct what is essentially the City’s bike boulevard plan, adopted September, 2012.
The proposed system will be made up of dedicated bike lanes on select streets (Third from Cascadilla to Thirteen, and Tioga from Court to the Commons are proposed), and other streets made more bicycle and pedestrian appropriate by lowering the speed limit to 25mph, added signage, and traffic calming measures like speed humps/tables.
The plan, shown below, is made to make Boynton Middle School, the High School, Fall Creek elementary, and BJM elementary accessible by bicycle for residents of “The Flats.” Beyond schools, the route makes going from the Ithaca Falls to Wegmans a much simpler ride.
Given that the adopted route was made before funding was secured under a different pretense, expect certain changes to be made on the route, such as extending the boulevard down Cayuga St to Boynton, and perhaps responding to any commentary from the public, which the City intends to solicit soon. It is estimated that the construction of the Bike Boulevard/Safe Route to School will happen in 2015. More on this as it develops.

State and Mitchell Intersection

May 22, 2013 // by James Douglas

Concurrent with the development at Collegetown Terrace, the City of Ithaca is redesigning the intersection of State and Mitchell Street.  With 589 additional bedrooms being added to the immediate area, the chosen design for the intersection will remove the traffic island, widen State Street by nine feet, add a bike lane “jug handle,” and traffic signals.  The cost of the entire project is being split equally by the City of Ithaca, Cornell University, and Novarr-Mackesey, developers of Collegetown Terrace. Final design plans are below.