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Collegetown Terrace

Collegetown Terrace by Air

December 4, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

I found this photo online and I just had to share it, so here it is. The timing coincides a few days after this post back in early November. Nice to see a project of this magnitude in Ithaca by air.

Aerial photo taken November 5th by photographer Frank Borkowski at Foto Forum Imaging in Corning, NY for the ENR New York Best Project Photos Competition, posted by Welliver.




Collegetown Terrace Construction Photo Update

November 24, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Got a chance to swing by each site today, so I’ll be releasing a bunch of photos this week. Even in the cold, everything seems to be moving along nicely.

The Collegetown Terrace project has kept pace with construction on Building 5 & 6. This phase has seen the project transfer from Hayner Hoyt to Welliver for general construction and management. Welliver is also working on Gates Hall for Cornell, and the Law School expansion/renovation project, which I haven’t covered much here, but there’s a brief write-up from Cornell here and some photos from Ithacating’s blog.

Facade-work has progressed on the southern face of Building 5, and has just begun on Building 6, where the wrap material (I think it’s one of the polypropylene woven types) is covering over the sheathing before panels are placed on top. There’s also new sheathing on the third level of the far east section of Building 5, where the concrete floor was poured not long ago. Building 6 has begun its final level of exterior wall framing, as the sixth level is being built-up on the southern face.

Building 5 also has a new section on the top floor of the northern side that has been covered in glass panels, so it must be a future common area, and I think the opening is for the landing of one of the bridges that will span across the gap. Mitchell Plaza now has painted illustrations in the window boxes- some plants and birds, looks nice.

Looking north from hillside:

Westward to Building 5:

Building 5 northern face:

Building 6 western and northern faces:

Building 6 southern face:

Building 5 northern face:

Collegetown Terrace Updated Photos

November 3, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some photos of the Collegetown Terrace project taken this past week. Building 5’s southern face has been filling-in with sheathing and facade panels, as is the north side, which is fully-sheathed and a bit further along. I’m not sure what to make of the lone cinder block wall at the eastern edge, but I assume it’s for an elevator/stair tower. The remaining stories above the parking section here may be on hold until the tower is complete.
Building 6’s framing has whizzed right along, and the steel framing on the western end is building up. It’s amazing to see how fast this building has been done- it was only about a month ago that the structural concrete for the first three floor levels had just been set.

Building 5:





Building 6:



Collegetown Terrace Buildings 5 & 6 Updated Photos

October 25, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Novarr-Mackesey’s Collegetown Terrace project is showing good progress on Buildings 5 and 6. Building 5’s facade panels on the north face are up on the west end, and the rest of this side is almost fully sheathed. I’m not entirely sure what the middle section opening on this side will be- possibly a common room with large windows [found out- it’s for the bridges between the buildings]. The east end floor has been poured and floated, and a new stairwell/elevator tower is being assembled block-by-block at the end. Building 6 has begun framing-up another level (fourth floor now), and the exterior walls and sheathing has been hung on both the north and south faces. Quite amazing progress every time I swing by- I see no reason why the majority of the exterior work on these buildings won’t be done before it starts getting into the dead of winter.

Building 5:



Building 6:

Collegetown Terrace Buildings 5 & 6 Updated Photos

October 16, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Novarr-Mackesey’s Collegetown Terrace project is still moving right along, with the enormous Building 5 (stretching the length of about two football fields) showing northern-face western facade installation, eastern-end additional wall stud framing, exterior wall wrapping and window installation.

There’s also fresh concrete poured over the ground level floors, additional wall sheathing and wall stud framing in the middle section all the way to the top level, and we have a full level of precast concrete planks laid out for the eastern section of Building 5 with wire mesh being set in place, perhaps for screed then a concrete floor float (see floor section detail below for a typical assembly).

Building 6 sits at the far north-eastern section of the site and I’m seeing steel framing for what may become an elevator/stair tower on the closest end, but also wall stud framing on the third level where apartment units will be built out. The levels below will be for parking, and there’s plenty of wire mesh on the floors since last visit.

Building 5:


Building 5:


Building 5:


Building 5:


Floor Section Detail:


Building 6:


Collegetown Terrace Updated Project Photos

October 5, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Building 6’s ground and second level floor decks are in the process of being poured, and the stair and elevator tower is going up on the east end. Building 5’s ground-level parking section in the east looks just about ready for the second level floor assembly, as the majority of the ground floor has been poured with concrete, and most bearing columns are up. There’s just the start of facade installation on Building 5 towards the north-western face, but the rest is either bare and wrapped sheathing, or exposed framing- the middle section looks structurally framed-out now, and exterior wall studs and plates are being installed on the northern face.








Collegetown Terrace Building 5 Progress & Building 6 Structure Underway

September 24, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Well, well, I must’ve missed this one for at least a few weeks: Building 6 (see sitemap here for reference) has clearly been underway for a little while now, as the structure is up to two stories now, along with the full four stories of the block stair tower, and the retaining wall on the northern side has been wrapped. The third story floor deck is still being assembled at the far end, probably in prep for a final pour of the floor deck, but it looks as if most of the structural elements of two stories are all there, with the exception of the western end of the building, which may be framed in a different way. Building 5 shows some further progress since last week. The fourth-story framing is continuing to fill-in and the second story floor deck in the middle section (between the sheathed portions) has been poured.

The scale of this project is becoming more apparent as Building 5 has made its way around in front of the massive facade of Building 3.4. The views from the top floor of 3.4 must be quite good.







Collegetown Terrace Building 5 Framing & Scaffolding Updated Photos

September 21, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

An extra level of exterior sheathing is up on the fourth level of this section of Building 5 as framing the third level walls and fourth level deck has progressed. There’s also some more new heavy steel beam framing along the southern end of the eastern section where scaffolding has been assembled and the northern framing-out has been completed for quite a while. The insulation and waterproofing layers look just about complete on the huge northern concrete retaining wall, so it will probably be backfilled soon.




Collegetown Terrace Building 5 Photos

September 11, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Work on Building 5 continues with new exterior wall sheathing and wall framing on the third level towards the eastern end, and concrete wrap on the new foundation walls that were just poured less than two weeks ago. The heavy steel frame section contains new steel beams, forming the fourth level and plenum space between the fourth level and future roof. Rebar rods have been placed along the deck of the second level in preparation for a concrete floor, and there’s new metal decking on the levels above.

Forgot to include this link in the previous post, but Hayner Hoyt Corp., the General Contractor for Collegetown Terrace has a few photos on their project page as well: see them here.



Collegetown Terrace New Foundation Walls

September 6, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The foundation walls being formed last time around have been poured with concrete and now have the forms removed, along with some new insulation and waterproofing membrane along the section that will make contact with the northern slope.