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Collegetown Terrace Buildings 5 & 6 Updated Photos

October 16, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Novarr-Mackesey’s Collegetown Terrace project is still moving right along, with the enormous Building 5 (stretching the length of about two football fields) showing northern-face western facade installation, eastern-end additional wall stud framing, exterior wall wrapping and window installation.

There’s also fresh concrete poured over the ground level floors, additional wall sheathing and wall stud framing in the middle section all the way to the top level, and we have a full level of precast concrete planks laid out for the eastern section of Building 5 with wire mesh being set in place, perhaps for screed then a concrete floor float (see floor section detail below for a typical assembly).

Building 6 sits at the far north-eastern section of the site and I’m seeing steel framing for what may become an elevator/stair tower on the closest end, but also wall stud framing on the third level where apartment units will be built out. The levels below will be for parking, and there’s plenty of wire mesh on the floors since last visit.

Building 5:


Building 5:


Building 5:


Building 5:


Floor Section Detail:


Building 6: