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Collegetown Terrace Building 5 Progress & Building 6 Structure Underway

September 24, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Well, well, I must’ve missed this one for at least a few weeks: Building 6 (see sitemap here for reference) has clearly been underway for a little while now, as the structure is up to two stories now, along with the full four stories of the block stair tower, and the retaining wall on the northern side has been wrapped. The third story floor deck is still being assembled at the far end, probably in prep for a final pour of the floor deck, but it looks as if most of the structural elements of two stories are all there, with the exception of the western end of the building, which may be framed in a different way. Building 5 shows some further progress since last week. The fourth-story framing is continuing to fill-in and the second story floor deck in the middle section (between the sheathed portions) has been poured.

The scale of this project is becoming more apparent as Building 5 has made its way around in front of the massive facade of Building 3.4. The views from the top floor of 3.4 must be quite good.