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Ports of New York Winery & House Project

June 2, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

If you’ve never visited Ports of New York, head down to 815 Taber Street and try some unique wines Monday through Saturday, noon to 6pm. French winemaker Frédéric Bouché specializes in fortified wines, which are made by adding a distilled spirit, which halts the fermentation process, and creates a sweeter drink, with a higher alcohol content.

Frédéric built this facility about three years ago, and is renovating and re-siding the next door property for a residential rental. The original siding is cedar, and is being covered over with rough-sawn lumber, which will quickly age in the weather and blend into the same color as the Ports building. The foundation of the building had to be reinforced with concrete along the outside about two feet below grade, since the original foundation had been lifted improperly (many buildings in the area dating back further than the 60s have been raised due to past flooding). The backyard will be closed-in with vegetation this summer, and the Ports backyard will soon feature an L-shaped greenhouse connected to the existing garage for growing hydroponic grapes.

Check out Ports of New York on Facebook, and here’s the main website page with tasting, purchasing, and restaurants that feature the winery’s products.