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Downtown Hampton Inn Sketch Plan Submission

June 1, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

A revised sketch plan proposal was presented by Scott Whitham of Whitham Planning and Design at the last City of Ithaca Planning Board Meeting, and below are some shots from the presentation along with a link to the PDF.

The proposed site spans across the former Strand Theatre lot (behind the Carey Building), which is now private parking, and the two lots of municipal parking owned by the City and Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (the IURA owns the northern portion, and the City, the southern portion). The project team will be moving towards conversations with the IURA and the City with the aim of divestiture so that the land can be developed. Although Hampton Inn projects are typically suburban, there are a few examples around the country that are designed and adapted to a more urban setting, which is the intent of this new project design. The ground floor would have program space for the hotel, and ~2,000 SF retail/restaurant facing Seneca Way, and the upper floors would be hotel rooms.

Ithacating has an article on the first submission here.










Full Sketch Plan Submission PDF Here

  • Ex-Ithacan

    The design is certainly a big improvement over the old proposal, but the entrance off of State St. seems kind of awkward.

    • I’ve noticed it can be difficult to drive out from there due to traffic backup heading up the hill, and right now it’s egress only. A turn-in from Seneca Way might work, but it would certainly consume a lot of ground floor buildable space.

      • lexluthor666

        I think a turn-in off Seneca Way would be the best option. If the hotel were to acquire some of the awkward little chunks of land that would remain along the street adjacent to Contemporary Designs or the Community Music School, it could use that for car entry/loading, then build more rooms or event space in the part of the lot extending to State St., maybe including a more grandiose pedestrian entry (or their restaurant) there.