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Lehigh Valley House: Condominiums on Ithaca’s West End

June 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

There’s a project going on at the former Lehigh Valley House Restaurant (closed in 2010) building to replace the siding, and renovate the interiors into three commercial spaces on the ground floor, and six condominium units on the upper floors, along with covered parking along the western wall. The old exterior siding has been removed, and new HardiePlank fiber cement siding has been added along the southern wall, which will continue around the rest of the building, over top of the existing Atlas Energy Shield and Tuff-R insulation boards. The corner beads and casings are made of composite materials, the ground story will remain veneer brick, and the existing brackets and trim will remain at the roofline.

The project is being completed by Timothy Ciaschi, son of Joseph Ciaschi, remembered for countless historic restoration and preservation projects in the area, including the Boardman House. Architect Claudia Brenner is designing the renovation project. The condominiums have sold quickly, as the three third floor units have been sold, along with Unit B on the second floor. Units A and C are still available.









  • Marshall McCormick

    Where are the condos listed? Don’t see them on Zillow and searches leave me empty-handed.

  • Ex-Ithacan

    This is great news. I remember eating there many years ago. I consider this building and the old clock factory as the anchors of the Inlet Isle/West End. Look forward to seeing the finished product. I’ve got to hand it to Ithaca for the way the city embraces the rehab of old buildings. Thanks for the info Jason.

  • lexluthor666

    Hopefully the rest of the rehab looks better than that one yellow wall that looks as if it’s already been revealed. Kind of cheap and tacky-seeming?

    Conceptually, this is spot on though. This whole area should be mixed-use properties at this density or higher.