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Ithaca College’s Whalen Center New Facade

October 30, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

I went way overboard on photos, but Ithaca College is picturesque, especially at sunset. Last time I was here, Hill Center was wrapping-up, and the Whalen Center had just begun Trespa Panel installation, as all of the previous concrete precast panels had been removed. The work looks nice, and the facade now blends well with the major facelift for Hill Center next door- the windows on Whalen looked immaculate as well. I doubt they were replaced (maybe polished), but the interior blinds are different. In fact, I got word via email that all these windows have been replaced for this renovation- single pane with doubles, and the former East-facing wood slats have been removed to expose new bay windows, while the North-facing ones have been kept. [credits to Jenny & Erik for emailing- thanks!]
Hill Center has fresh landscaping and benches all along the front walkway, and of course, a nice view of the lake to forget about final exams. The interior and most of the exterior was complete last time (mid-September).



Aerial shot from before renovations:








This is IC’s Athletic and Events Center, finished back in Fall 2011 at a cost of $65.5 million. The huge tower got LEED points for natural cooling and ventilation. It also looks cool when it is all lit-up at night from the across the hill.

South Hill Digicomp ATM Drive-Thru & Restaurant Space Proposal

October 22, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s a proposal from ICS Development Partners & Architect Jagat P. Sharma to build out the current Digicomp building on South Hill Route 96B into a drive-thru ATM and restaurant space, keeping the current Digicomp space in the basement. I’m not familiar with ICS Development Partners, but the entity filing is in Tompkins County and dates back to 1994 on this address (930 Danby Rd) listing the same chief executive officer as Digicomp, so it’s clearly the same owner. The Town Planning Board presentation was given back on the 15th for consideration, and the proposed use variances were granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals back in July.




Ithaca College Hill Center: Big Facelift

August 1, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Wow, I hadn’t the slightest clue the renovation would be this extensive. The building is almost unrecognizable to what it was before (picture below- basically a modern brutalist concrete bunker, much like the 1969 Dillingham Center next door, picture at end of post).
Quite a fascinating transformation; the sleek wood grain facade goes well with the blue-tinted glass panels, definitely a visual upgrade. Along with the exterior, the interior of the building has extensive ongoing renovations, much like Dillingham had a few years back, (floor plans here).
Youtube has a wonderful collection of videos about Campus facilities from the IC Reference Desk Library for those interested.





Dillingham Center:

Hawk’s Nest Preliminary Site Plan

June 9, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Dug this up in the Town of Ithaca Planning Board documents: proposed 50-unit senior living rental apartment complex, right next door to Springwood Townhomes (Ithaca Estates Realty, the same group doing College Crossing). I’m not sure what the previous 1973 site plan contained, but the tax assessment information on this 15 acre parcel shows that most of the Springwood Townhomes were built in 1980, and the parcel carries a total assessment just shy of $2 million. Longview is just down the road towards Ithaca, which is assisted-care, but this project proposes to market towards “active adults” 55 and older that no longer wish to maintain a home. This site plan only shows the basic outline for now, but I’ll look around for more.

Project Narrative:

Preliminary Site Plans: