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CrossFit Pallas Exterior Work Photos

October 5, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The soon-to-be CrossFit Pallas gym on Cherry Street is nearing completion, as the interior wraps-up final finish work, and the exterior grading, walkways, curbing, entry, and rock base for the parking lot have been completed. Several light poles, groundcover plants, trees, and mulch dot the entryways, and a nice new bike rack has been sunk into the concrete out in front. The CrossFit team will be outfitting the building interior with equipment, then opening-up in the new space quite soon.

The building is developed by Mad4Cherry, LLC, with construction by Fingerlakes Construction Company.

Photos from September 15th:

Photos from September 29th:




CrossFit Pallas July Photo Update

August 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The post-frame CrossFit Pallas project on Cherry Street being constructed by Fingerlakes Construction looks wrapped-up on the exterior (minus parking lot and landscaping), and the interior is fully-framed out and covered with metal panels on the ceiling, and a combination of metal panels, drywall and plywood sheathing for the walls (perhaps for securing padded panels). The open-ended ducts running along the ceiling will probably be fitted with diffusers, but besides remaining drywall, fixtures and finishes, the building itself looks rather complete.




CrossFit Pallas Interior Progress

June 6, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The CrossFit Pallas project is moving along with the closing-in of the remaining inlet-facing side of the exterior, and much interior progress: the rest of the ceiling panels have been installed, along with lighting fixtures, wall panelling, clerestory windows, plywood wall sheathing, and the bathroom walls are currently being framed-out. The project is being constructed by Fingerlakes Construction Company, specializing in post-frame construction. I’m not sure of the planned opening date, but my guess would be later this summer.