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Collegetown Terrace February Photo Update

February 26, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The gates were closed, so I didn’t manage any good north-facing shots of Building 6, but here’s a quick photo update for the Collegetown Terrace project. As Ithacating’s Article noted, Building 7 (Phase 3) will be starting shortly (the whopper $70 million bridge loan was approved last August), and Novar-Mackesey has put forward a proposal to the Board of Zoning Appeals to swap-out a parking floor on Building 7 for more apartments, due to the under-utilization of current parking spaces. I’ll admit from visiting the site quite often, there are many spaces always open, and I can’t call myself a fan of zoning regulations requiring minimum parking amounts per housing units built, since it’s generally not an optimal or equitable policy. Since the project already has so many spaces, it would make sense to tailor the remainder of the project to fit the proven absorption, and good news for those walking: the State & Mitchell Intersection was completed back in mid-January, so crossing the street is now much easier.