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Collegetown Terrace Photo Update: January to Early February

February 10, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some shots of the Novarr-Mackesey Collegetown Terrace Project taken this past Sunday- I last visited in late December. Building 5 has been fully framed, sheathed, and windows have been installed up to the final fifth level, with just a bit more sheathing work to be done on the western end and also the stair tower on the eastern end (which is used for loading-in materials anyway). Building 6 has nearly completed weather wrap installation, and the facade panels are coming along, which began at the top level. The pre-fabricated rectangular steel piece for the elevated walkway towards the center of Building 5’s northern face (the glass-covered common area) has been lifted and secured into place, providing a path from Building 5 to Building 3.4, at the south side of the entry pavilion. From what I can see on the outside through the glass, the work within the units themselves has been progressing well, and even in this cold, the amount of exterior work in the past month is impressive. From the shot of Building 5’s southern face, you can also see the opening for the future elevated walkway from Building 5 to Building 7, which will be the last, largest, and longest building in the project (and it looks as if the retaining wall has already been poured).

The apartment development has a cool new website you can check out, with a bunch of new photos, and floor plans images for each individual floor layout.

Building 5 southern face, at western end:

Building 5 northern face, at eastern end:

Building 6 northern face, at western end:

Building 5 to Building 3.4 elevated walkway: