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Collegetown Terrace Buildings 5 & 6 Progress

December 26, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Novarr-Mackesey‘s Collegetown Terrace project has made some great progress in the past month with Building 5’s eastern section framed-up an additional three levels and the stair tower to its full height. As noted before, Welliver has now taken the reigns for construction.

Building 6 looks fully-framed, and besides a few sections of sheathing to go in, the moisture barrier wrap has made its way around and facade panels have been installed on the top level and western side. On the north side of Building 5 there’s a crane in place and a large pre-fabricated rectangular steel structure sitting on the ground, probably for the elevated walkway off the glass-enclosed common area. Both Building 5 and Building 6 have temporary heating units and ducts going inside, along with plastic wrap on exposed wall frames to keep the spaces above freezing.

Buildings 5 & 6 Western Faces:

Building 5:

Building 5 Northern Face:

Building 6: