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Klarman Hall Site Prep Photos

October 8, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

More site prep is underway at the future site of Klarman Hall on East Ave for a construction mobilization in early November. There is a series of concrete manhole access forms on the northeastern corner of the site, and there’s a long section of walkway that has been excavated in front of Goldwin Smith Hall on the southern side, revealing the concrete-encased electric duct (according to the utility & demolition plan, embedded below) running from the southeastern corner clockwise around the building to the front. I’m spotting a couple generators outside the in-ground electric room, which will be re-worked as part of the project as well.
It will be interesting seeing this hillside blasted and dug out for the new retaining wall. Part of the building will literally have offices sited underneath the new sidewalk runs along East Avenue running the length of Goldwin Smith Hall, with lit skylight arrays running north-south that protrude above ground several feet. The excavation will be going quite deep, almost right up to the edge of East Ave.

Klarman _Hall_1031