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Klarman Hall, Goldwin Smith Roof Replacement

September 10, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

In addition to the Klarman Hall project, Goldwin Smith Hall’s roof will be undergoing a replacement at the cost of around $5 million (including some Klarman Hall enabling work). First, the metal and slate material will be removed, then a series of minor geometric changes will be made (from the drawings, it looks like they’re intended to provide better drainage and snow drip to the eave corners, preventing buildup and eventual leakage). The eave and dormer details look about the same, so once the roof is replaced, it will be hard for someone to spot the difference coming back as an alumni.. nothing like what it will be like to look at the East Ave side and see Klarman Hall consuming the former dead space on the eastern side. The roof replacement draft details are embedded below.