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Seneca Way Facade EIFS Progress

September 19, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Seneca Way’s EIFS (Exterior insulation finishing system) facade is going up quickly, as you can see the eastern side is nearly complete, and the southern side is progressing nicely. With some more fine weather on tap for next week, I doubt this part of the project will take longer than expected. The posts with flags on the roof makes me think there’s material going up there as well, I’d bet a membrane EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer, lots of four-letter acronyms here). If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the website for Seneca Way, which contains full information on the amenities and floor plans.



Seneca Way Eastern Facade

September 9, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Couldn’t resist snapping a few shots today and last Thursday. Much of the eastern facade is now covered in EIFS material, and the gray base coat is making its way around. Three cherry-pickers and a full platform seem to be doing the trick. It’s been great to watch the pace of this project throughout the Summer. The limestone-like color (Lite Cinammon) and dark gray (Antique Gray) at the northeast corner of the facade are two of the final finish-coat colors.


Seneca Way Exterior Insulation Going Up

September 5, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Lifts with crews are making their way up the exterior facade to install insulation before the facade is applied, much like Breckenridge, although the facade material will be much lighter on Seneca Way than the brick facade on Breckenridge (brick has also become quite expensive these days). The insulation material is a form of EIFS, which stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System, which is generally paired with a mesh, a base coat, then a finish coat of an acrylic or latex-based textured finish.



Seneca Way Photos

August 31, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Many of the third through fifth floor windows are in place, and it looks like the parapet wall sections have been framed-in above the fifth floor wall panels. As it stands now, this would be nearly the final height and massing of the building.



Seneca Way Floor Six Framing, Windows, Exterior Coating

August 22, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Seneca Way‘s sixth floor has its exterior walls framed-in now, and there’s been significant progress on installing windows and some paint coating the exterior, probably a waterproofing compound. The project’s website looks like it has launched, and contains information about amenities, and nice new floor plan images. The apartments themselves are without a doubt going to be premium in the Ithaca market, and the stock photos on the site clearly tend toward the mature crowd. I’m sure pre-leasing of the apartments has already begun, as the office space is fully-spoken for (Park Foundation and Warren Real Estate).




Seneca Way Working on Final Storey

August 15, 2013 // by Jason Henderson


The final storey of Seneca Way is being framed-up, and at the final height, it makes a significant visual impact coming down the hill. This project has made tremendous progress throughout the Summer. Back in the beginning of May, they had just completed the heavy steel-framed deck for the third storey.

Seneca Way: Five Stories High & Rising

August 6, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The Newman/Warren Seneca Way project has one more story to go before the exterior wall framing is complete. They’ve posted new fence materials with a snazzy new logo, and it appears that CSP Management (Jerry Dietz’s company) will be handling the leasing and property management.

Seneca Way Site Photos

July 25, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Wow, lots of decking work has been moving along, and it’s really noticeable from the exterior because now all the window gaps look really dark from the outside looking in. There’s another set of wall panels sitting on the trailer to the east, and wood reinforcements have made their way to the fifth floor, so we’ll probably see those go up soon. These shots are from today and Monday.

Seneca Way Site Photos

July 16, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Fourth story wall panels are up, and steel stud walls look like they’re following suit. I wouldn’t want to be up there working this week though, temperatures in the high 90’s, yikes.