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Sage Chapel Renovation Project Photos

October 6, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

As a follow-up to the announcement back in March, and work commencement in June, below are a few recent photos of the preservation work for Sage Chapel on Cornell’s campus.

John Milner Associates was hired to assess the current conditions and come up with repair specifications and drawings. The firm specializes in historic preservation, the same group that has assessed and designed the repairs for the Washington Monument.

The Apse Window Repair:

The stained glass windows have gap seams to repair, work being done by stained glass conservator E.S. Taylor Studio, and several items will require repainting decorative finishes, to be done by John Tiedemann, Inc. The stained glass was carefully removed from the masonry frame for the work, and a printout of the stained glass window has been installed on the interior of the apse.

Replacement of ribbon slate roofing that was nearing the end of its service life, and flashing and seams on the roof (especially rake and gable ends) that must be reconstructed:


Still has all the charm on the inside:





Lehigh Valley House Facade Photos

August 8, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The second and third-story facade for the Lehigh Valley House is nearing completion, and the interior is currently being gutted and renovated for six condominium units on the upper floors (I believe only two remain to be sold), and a few commercial spaces on the ground floor. The previous lap wood siding was removed a couple months ago, and fiber cement siding and window trim has been hung and painted in its place. The building is owned by Tim Ciaschi, and is the former home of the Lehigh Valley House Restaurant (previously an Inn as well), which closed in 2010 after 113 years in business.