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Dryden South Project Updated Drawings

June 24, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The drawings of the six-story Dryden South project by Architect Jagat Sharma for Pat Kraft of Kraftees in College Town have been updated for today’s planning board meeting with rendered, dimensioned elevations, and additional three-dimensional renders. The drawings show a 5 foot front yard setback, 10-foot floor-to-floor heights, an inner court area way for light and ventilation on the west side of the proposed building, projected bay windows, and facade materials (light colored brick facade, with limestone and colored metal window projections). The project still shows ten 4-bedroom units, and 2,120 square feet of commercial space.


Full Drawings PDF Here

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Dryden South Project in Collegetown

June 14, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Pat Kraft, the owner of Kraftees College Town has proposed a new building on the site at which the business resides, 205 Dryden Road at last month’s City Planning and Development Board meeting. The current structure is a remodeled wood-framed house, with a rear addition and storefront. The consulting architect, Jagat P. Sharma, has developed a concept sketch plan showing a six-story building, with a west side centered stairwell and elevator tower, ground floor commercial space, and symmetrical four-bedroom units (two per floor), for a total of 10 four bedroom apartments. The development is allowable due to the Collegetown re-zoning, which does not require minimum parking for MU-2 (Mixed-Use 2) parcels, which 205 Dryden Road was re-zoned to. Sketch plan submission here, with shots below:





Collegetown Re-Zoning (Full Document Here):
Proposed CAFD - Stand-Alone Map