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Collegetown Terrace Late June Photo Update

June 25, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

So admittedly, I post a lot of photos of this project, but it’s quite a spectacle now that the site is relatively opened-up. It looks like Welliver has completed their major portion of the work contract for Novarr-Mackesey, and crews for interior finish work and cleaning have moved on site to have the apartments ready for incoming occupants; on the left (west) side, Building 5 contains 167 units and Building 6 (east) contains 71 units. Landscaping work has been progressing around the building edges, and the new drive lanes south of Buildings 5 & 6 have been paved and curbed. There will probably be some sort of barrier or fence constructed along the south slope for excavation work for the final structure, Building 7, which will be the largest, likely to come-in at 247 units. I’m not sure of a start date, but my guess would be sometime late Fall.






323 Taughannock Boulevard Waterfront Project

June 20, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Rampart Real, LLC (managed by Steve Flash) and Architect Noah Demarest of Stream Collaborative have submitted site plan review materials for the upcoming City Planning & Development meeting this Tuesday, June 24th for what may become the first waterfront inlet project of its kind in Ithaca. Picked-up by Ithacating a couple weeks ago (just turned six years old!), the plan calls for a $3.5 million mixed-use building consisting of 23,000 square feet, with ground-level office, 18 covered parking spaces, and 20 apartment units on the three stories above (total of four stories, 50′ height). The existing parcel contains an asphalt lot and a one-story building, between The Dock (former Castaways) and Kelly’s Dock-Side Cafe, photos below.

Full PDF here



323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14
323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14-2
323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14-6
323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14-3
323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14-4
323 Taughannock Boulevard - SPR Application Submission - 06-02-14-5

Photos of the surrounding area:

Press Bay Alley is Complete!

June 5, 2014 // by Jason Henderson


Well, this project turned out pretty awesome, and what a great transformation of what was previously a bay of loading garages. Stop by the end of Green Street before crossing Cayuga Street downtown and check-out Boxy Bikes and Amuse: Modern Cottage Industry, retail tenants that have now occupied the building.

The previous surface asphalt has been demoed and taken away, and new sections of sidewalk slab now fill the open space, flanked by steel bollards and planters. The project was completed by John Guttridge and David Kuckuck of Urban Core, LLC, with design by John and Claudia Brenner Architects, garage doors by Overhead Door, metal work by Accufab, masonry by McPherson Builders and general carpentry by RG Builders. The west face of the building is still whitewashed in preparation for a mural artist, but the site is open and ready for business.






Former Neighborhood Pride Site Acquired by INHS

June 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

This story popped-up in the news last week, and it’s worth noting due to its size and location. The former Neighborhood Pride grocery store and the next door parcel containing Youth Advocates Inc. of Tompkins County will be sold to Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS) for $1.7 million. The total site is 90,530 square feet, zoned B-2a, so a re-development is zoned for mixed-uses (residential and commercial), with a maximum four-story (40 foot) build, and lot coverage of 50%, meaning that the full allowable space is over 200,000 square feet. I’m not sure of the condition of the current buildings, but they don’t seem suited for residential conversion, so I would bet that a full demo and full site redevelopment would make sense here. Given that the immediate area is Fall Creek, this will probably be the largest residential project done in the northern part of town since the Northside Developments were built in the 1950s, but there’s ample demand.