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Westgate Plaza June Photo Update

July 1, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Westgate Plaza, which houses the Finger Lakes Beverage Center and FedEx Office is being re-sided this summer by Benchmark Construction Fritz Contracting, along with a new wraparound awning with new side entry, and a renovated interior for the Beverage Center, allowing for a large expansion of retail floor space. The cultured stone base has made its way around the Seneca street side of the building, and the Dryvit panels will probably be finishing-up install on the remaining wall section soon.





Westgate Plaza, Finger Lakes Beverage Center Update

May 6, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

The Westgate Plaza containing the Finger Lakes Beverage Center and FedEx Office is currently being re-sided in addition to interior work that, if I’m reading the plans correctly, will result in an expanded mercantile space for the beverage center (entry on the western side, change of occupancy from S-1, storage to M, mercantile). As you can see from the roof, there’s a new layer of EPDM being installed, as submitted in the site plan review application in June last year, and the ceiling structure in southern portion of the building is being modified to accept a new drop ceiling, along with new partition walls and coolers. The renovated exterior will feature a wraparound apron roof, and a redesigned parking lot in addition to new siding.

The work is being done by Benchmark Construction Fitz Contracting LLC out of Trumansburg