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Aurora Street Pocket Neighborhood Photos

May 11, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Photos here taken May 9th- buildings look just about finished up, and a nice shot of finger on camera lens.

Aurora Pocket Neighborhood Project Description

May 9, 2013 // by James Douglas

Aurora-Stree-Pocket-Neighborhood-project narrative rendering

An urban eco-village located on North Aurora Street, in the Fall Creek Neighborhood, this pocket neighborhood consists of two new single family homes, a one bedroom cottage, and an existing property owned by developers Sue Consentini & Rob Morache. The project utilizes extensive energy efficient design, technology and also features an infill communal living space between the houses, making this project the first such urban eco-village in Ithaca.
Fruit trees, berry bushes, LED lighting, and soy-based spray foam insulation illustrate just a few aspects of this green development. Incorporating technologies such as solar panels and air to air heat pumps show the technological side of how these new houses will operate at high levels of efficiency.
Besides home grown veggies and energy saving engineering and appliances, the Aurora Street Pocket Neighborhood attempts to facilitate perhaps the biggest environmentally friendly factor: urban living that promotes pedestrian and bicycle traffic to work, the store, and most or all your activities in between.
All of the newly constructed houses are slated to be fully occupied, but expect more pocket neighborhood projects from Consentini Construction and the developers, New Earth Living.