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INHS Stone Quarry Apartments Revised Site Plan & Design

June 14, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services has submitted an updated site plan and designs for the Stone Quarry Apartments project, on the site of the Ithaca Dispatch (behind Cole Muffler on Spencer Street). The updated plans are the result of new information on site conditions (existing soil), and constructability (design issues and cost projection).

The revised site plan shows the same unit breakdown, 6 additional parking spaces, modified site walkways, a new fence along Spencer and no rear doors exiting to Spencer due to the site grading requirements, and Mews (interior courtyards) between the buildings. The loading zones have been reduced in size (allowing for more parking) due to the change in zoning requirements, the balconies have been nixed in favor of windows, and the facades have been updated. The plan outlines the intention to resolve the final review this month, for a building permit issue in August to begin sitework in September this year. The development would build:
16 three-bedroom Townhouses
2 three-bedroom Apartments
11 two-bedroom Apartments
6 one-bedroom Apartments

The design has been completed by HOLT Architects, Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects, and Elwyn & Palmer Consulting Engineers.

Full PDF Here, original November 2012 submission here

Stone Quarry Apartments - Site Plan Updates - 05-22-14 (dragged) 4

Stone Quarry Apartments - Site Plan Updates - 05-22-14 (dragged)

Stone Quarry Apartments - Site Plan Updates - 05-22-14 (dragged) 2

Stone Quarry Apartments - Site Plan Updates - 05-22-14 (dragged) 7

  • Ex-Ithacan

    I know the intersection of Spencer and Stone Quarry is not the most fun to get through. Will the addition of an entrance/exit for this complex just add to the difficulty? Would the installation of a traffic light (or some other device) help the situation? Just wondering.

    • Much of the public discussion has followed along those lines, as well as the fact that there is currently no sidewalk running to the parcel. The traffic circle connecting to Albany and Park was a big improvement, but it will be interesting to see if the project puts pressure on a road improvement along Spencer. Perhaps not for some time, but now that the Old Elmira Road improvements are moving forward, the site will be very close to a nice new street between Plain and Meadow.