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Collegetown Terrace Early May Photo Update

May 12, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Many of the remaining sections of synthetic stucco have been coated to their final finish along the southern faces of Buildings 5 & 6 since about three weeks ago (hard to believe there was snow on the ground then), and along the roof lines, it looks like some of the metal coping has been installed over top the EPDM membrane edges. When I swung by, there was a crew on the northern side of Building 5 installing the scale-like facade, which has also progressed on Building 6’s northern side. At the entrance between Buildings 5 & 6, there’s also a set of forms for pouring a new retaining wall along Building 5. I haven’t seen the interiors, but there’s no doubt they’re far along, as the extended cold winter provided ample time for focusing on interiors at many project sites in the area. Amenities for the Building 5 units listed here.. granite counters, limestone tile, fully furnished- sounds nice.

These two buildings will be done by the end of summer, in time for the Fall semester. The developer/management company, Novarr-Mackesey has posted a new site map of the project online (embedded below, minus the future Building 7), and the General Contractor, Welliver has also been busy over at Cornell’s Klarman Hall project, which should start foundation work later this summer.

Southern faces of Buildings 5 & 6:


Site Map:

Northern face of Building 5, vinyl facade installation:

Southern face of Building 5 (west end):

West end of Building 6:

East end of Building 5, looks like work for a new retaining wall: