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Goldwin Smith Roofing & Klarman Hall Groundwork Project Photos

April 9, 2014 // by Jason Henderson


There’s been some considerable equipment mobilization on this site since late March with the addition of a boom crane and a pile hammer, possibly a vibratory model for noise and speed considerations. The pile hammer is for beam shoring (geo-shoring) along East Avenue, in order to hold the hill together once the site is dug out quite far down for Klarman’s footprint. After the steel beams are in ground, they are followed-up with lagging boards, which are affixed to the beams for soil retention.

Goldwin Smith Hall’s central eastern-side roof has progressed with re-slating and new metal roofing installation, which will continue along that end, and also the south wing’s southern side. The schedule indicates that underpinnings on the south wing of Goldwin Smith Hall have been completed, and will continue along the rotunda area this month.


Steel Beams for Shoring:

Cross-section of Klarman Hall design along East Ave.:




More photos from April 6th:

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