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CrossFit Pallas is Going Up on Cherry Street

March 31, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Well, this one caught me by surprise, but courtesy of a heads-up email (thanks Charles), I grabbed some photos today of this gym structure well underway as of a few weeks ago. I last wrote about the plans back in December, when renders for the 10,368 square foot building on Cherry Street to house CrossFit Pallas and a Boxing Gym were released in site plan review. The owners currently have a gym at 711 West Court Street, but the space is quite small compared with this footprint- here’s their website, and it has a page explaining what CrossFit is.

The structure is actually wood-framed, faced with corrugated metal panels, and what appears to be laminated veneer lumber (LVLs) for the rafters and also LVLs braced diagonally along the top structure walls. The major joints are joined with steel brackets, and the structure is not sitting on a pad, but a graded bed of gravel, with pre-formed concrete support blocks. The rest should probably go up quite fast.