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Breckenridge Place Finished Exterior Photos

February 13, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Well, it’s been a real treat watching this 50-unit, 60,000 square foot project go up a stones throw from where I live, and I think it’s a great addition to downtown. Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services has pulled off a large, mixed-income affordable housing project in the middle of downtown, desperately needed to fulfill housing demands that go well beyond the existing stock and availability of housing units in Ithaca, so hats off to them for making this a reality. Affordable housing developments in close proximity to downtowns and civic institutions offer residents easier access to local resources, and mixed-income developments have been associated with tangible benefits for residents beyond providing affordable housing. [The Director of INHS, Paul Mazzarella, gave a nice short presentation to the City Planning Committee last night on housing trends and needs in the area, so I’ll post the link and content once it’s available]

I have yet to peek inside, but INHS has some interior shots on their website, and the video on YouTube offers nice explanations of the finishes and amenities. The project was designed by HOLT Architects, and completed by Christa Construction.





  • Eric B

    Losing the WCB meeting space has been tough, that was a good size and location for gatherings. I”m glad the GreenStar Space is almost ready to hold meeting again, that will be great. Oasis is close for groceries, but having another option close by would be go. And having a pharmacy closer would be good too. But building critical mass of people living downtown is key to supporting any such business, and this is a great start!

    • Yeah- that assembly hall was great, and the full-size kitchen as well. I had the opportunity of working with Mack on some layout plans for the Masonic Temple, but the purchase offer was not accepted. It would’ve been a huge job, but turning that place into a community center with similar offerings as the former WCB could have been a nice transformation.

      • Eric B

        It baffles me that the Masonic Temple just sits idle. It could be (was) such an amazing space!

        • Ex-Ithacan

          Could it have something to do with the present owner?

          • lexluthor666

            I have noticed a TON of Ithaca Renting’s properties vacant, but it might not be that they’re an exception to the rule, just that their signs are more prominent.

            I’m not sure how great a need there is for an assembly space given Ithaca’s existing civic buildings and all the university infrastructure that could potentially be used by different groups…my first instinct would be to prioritize greater density at this site instead.

  • lexluthor666

    I don’t understand the design logic of placing the glass curtain wall asymmetrically. Nor why the retail portion was left out of the project (sure, there are lots of empty spaces in downtown Ithaca – but there are some tenants who are looking for a large, new space specifically, and might have committed to downtown if such a space were available…the space might have also come in handy in some future in which retail space in Ithaca became more rare).

    That said, to slate housing demand and improve quality in and around downtown, Ithaca could use about 30 more buildings like this. It’s done wonders for the streetwall, too.