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Klarman Hall, Goldwin Smith Project Photos & Updated Floor Plans

February 3, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Goldwin Smith Hall’s windows are completely boarded-up on the east sides facing East Ave, which has been closed to vehicular traffic minus bikes and busses starting a couple weeks ago. Construction fencing has been bumped-out into the western lane, and temporary lights have been installed to manage the traffic flow across the one lane. Roofing work on Goldwin as part of the enabling project is still progressing, but once that’s complete, we should see some further excavation work towards the very edge of East Ave, in order to install the retaining wall for the the eastern side of Klarman Hall that will be below ground level.
Cornell has setup a project page here with newly released floor plans, an FAQ section, and some additional information. Floor plan images posted below.



New final floor plans released: