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Hobby Lobby Repaving, Front Facade & Prep for Sign

October 29, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here are some dusty shots taken today from the Hobby Lobby store site opening November 11th in the former K-Mart shell. In addition to the 56,444 square foot store, the property owner/developer Benderson Development is seeking a 14,744 square foot expansion along the southern wall (where the K-Mart garden center was previously) for a retail tenant- perhaps a store that commonly pairs-up with Hobby Lobby. Many major retailers partner-up with another complementary store in strip malls, creating clusters of complementary goods in the same area to boost sales- like a salon and a café, or a sports pub and a women’s clothing store for example; you can’t do both of those activities in the same store, but they would go together.
From the looks of it, the front facade is basically done, re-paving and striping has been well underway, and will probably be finished this week. The sign was in a trailer on site already, and the store was filled with retail racks.