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Ithaca College’s Hill Center Wrapping-Up, Looking Sharp

September 17, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Finally made it back up to Ithaca College to see Hill Center’s renovations, and it looks like they’re finishing up. This building has significantly turned around- it was already unrecognizable on the outside last time I ran up in August, and now the inside is as well. The finishes look great- they’re using the Parklex exterior facade panels (it’s a high-density stratified timber panel with a hardwood veneer and protective coating), the interior lighting is all new (open ceilings are freshly painted), with hanging panels accenting the hall ceilings, and blue wall panels highlighting the gymnasium entrances. The gymnasium itself is great- super bright, with new bleachers, flooring, and finishes. The blue-tinted glass stair-tower offers a nice view of the campus and lake beyond, and it certainly anchors the building from the outside.




Whalen Center:

Here are some photos and the original planning documents from July for The Whalen Center for music as well (next door). The exterior of the building is undergoing a similar facade treatment (not Parklex, but Trespa Meteon instead- here’s a snapshot of the variety: Trespa Projects), and the interior seems to be quite fresh, with new paint, flooring, and some new lockers. The cladding design was done by King + King Architects.


Original Planning Proposal: