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Cayuga Green II Revised Plans, Going Higher

August 14, 2013 // by Jason Henderson


Here’s what we’ve been waiting for: revised plans from Bloomfield/Schon + Partners on their new project next door to Cayuga Place, (an apartment building they put up back in 2008 containing 68 apartments). This new building’s proposal is higher than the previous plan, and contains an additional six units, bringing the total to 45 planned units. The total Gross floor space is nearly 50,000 SF on a footprint of 6,920 SF at seven stories (was previously four).
What I like right off the bat is the fact that the new plan completely conceals a bare concrete wall of the parking garage. It probably would have looked a bit odd if it were done at four stories and you could still see it from the east. As far as unit breakdowns and floor plans, everything is contained in the site plans below, and the application letter spells out the major revisions. The footprint has been re-configured to have one cut-in instead of the previous three to accommodate the curve of the parcel, and it has also shrunk by 2,480 SF, which will allow for more green space along the Six Mile Creek Walk.