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Belle Sherman Cottages Modular Build Photos

June 20, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

I was kindly invited to visit the morning of a modular assembly, so here are photos of the crane hoist, modular section, and the modular seam (once inside). The art of this sort of construction assembly is fitting the pieces together perfectly so that all your seams line up. These sections are about 10′ x 30′ give or take a few feet. Some shifting and settling occurs when the units are being trucked from Pennsylvania, but everything must come together just right once it’s on site. After leveling a few floor assemblies, it’s easy to see how this can get complicated because there are many more considerations when fitting these in, primarily that the distance is so much greater than a typical floor joist, so your multiplication factor for being off by just a bit turns into a lot more than that. All in all, they appeared very well constructed, and once inside, it didn’t seem like I was walking into something that was once four separate pieces.