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Maguire Fiat Project Description

June 6, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Maguire_Fiat_South_ElevationsMaguire’s family of dealerships (Ithaca’s very own mega auto dealer) will be adding a Fiat location. What’s a Fiat? They’re small Italian cars. They’re quite a hit in Europe, and were initially thought to be a flop in the US, but sales have now been going strong for these little sub-compacts.

The current building on the 308 Elmira Rd parcel contained the ever-popular Greentree Nursery, which has relocated to 606 Elmira Rd, where Ithaca Beer was before the construction of their new facility (which is a must-see, drink and eat). The current block building will be demolished, along with the greenhouse (which is already gone), and the new project will be rebuilding in roughly the same area, but with a larger footprint.