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140 College Ave 12 Bedroom Addition

June 11, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Po Family Realty‘s existing 12-bedroom student housing dwelling at 140 College Avenue at the corner of College Ave and Cook Street has a proposal to add-on a 3,800 square foot, 12-bedroom southern addition, matching the architectural style of the existing structure, with a glass transition between (this building is a late 1800s “Second Empire Style,” featuring a slate Mansard Roof, brick exterior, and rectangular massing). The architect on the project is Jason Demarest, whom has designed many projects in the area, perhaps most notably, the iconic 9,000 square-foot renovation for the Kitchen Theatre on State Street downtown about four years ago.

The project originally went up to site plan review a few years ago, but was denied due to minimum parking requirements, but since collegetown has been re-zoned into form districts, with many of the districts now without minimum parking requirements (or less parking required), the project is now allowed under zoning. Site plan review document is here, with images below:




Downtown Hampton Inn Sketch Plan Submission

June 1, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

A revised sketch plan proposal was presented by Scott Whitham of Whitham Planning and Design at the last City of Ithaca Planning Board Meeting, and below are some shots from the presentation along with a link to the PDF.

The proposed site spans across the former Strand Theatre lot (behind the Carey Building), which is now private parking, and the two lots of municipal parking owned by the City and Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (the IURA owns the northern portion, and the City, the southern portion). The project team will be moving towards conversations with the IURA and the City with the aim of divestiture so that the land can be developed. Although Hampton Inn projects are typically suburban, there are a few examples around the country that are designed and adapted to a more urban setting, which is the intent of this new project design. The ground floor would have program space for the hotel, and ~2,000 SF retail/restaurant facing Seneca Way, and the upper floors would be hotel rooms.

Ithacating has an article on the first submission here.










Full Sketch Plan Submission PDF Here

Wegmans: Possible Wine & Liquor Retail Store?

March 18, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Last February’s City of Ithaca Planning & Development Board meeting contained a sketch plan item that seems to confirm Wegmans’ intention to develop the grassy open portion of land to the south end of the parking lot. In the preliminary sketch plan, a new 15,900 square foot building is proposed, with a retail face towards the east end, parking along the east and north, and a loading dock in the west end. The intersection is also showing pedestrian crosswalks, along with a plan to remove pavement along the southwest corner of the lot, replacing with soil.

At first glance, it looks like it could be a retail store for lease, but since Wegmans owns the parcel, and the design is coming directly from Wegmans, it may be a plan for a wine & liquor location. Wegmans is putting a liquor store in Johnson City for an opening this Spring, and they have branded “Wine, Liquor & Beer Stores” in a few other states, but their brand in New York is separate. The Pittsford location is called “Century Liquor and Wines“, but it’s owned and operated by Wegmans, along with several other locations, including an acquisition in Syracuse five years ago.



Collegetown Terrace Mitchell Plaza, Historic Elements

August 18, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The cobblestone entry area in front of the Fitness Center/Entry Pavilion is called “Mitchell Plaza” and contains interpretive elements from the Jane A Delano home that was demolished for construction. The home served as a residence for nurses and nursing students for the nearby Ithaca City Hospital, named for Jane Delano, whom almost single-handedly created the American Red Cross Nurses Corps. The arcade wall contains the original brick and granite window trim, and the open doorway is in fact the original doorway from the home. See below for the interpretive elements PDF, and a memorandum about the home.


Seneca Way Initial Site Plan Review Application

July 9, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Here’s the original site plan review application for those interested in taking a look. Probably the most obvious exterior difference from what is actually being built is the north elevation, which now has hipped roofs, and a different appearance (presumably to blend better with surrounding houses on that end where Seneca Street makes its way down the hill). Also, the rooftop terrace on the southern end was shifted from east to west, and appears to be slightly smaller now. Overall, the initial plans aren’t broadly different from what will be the final product.

130 E Clinton St Planting Plan

July 2, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

I’ll admit- I don’t know much about trees or plants, but here’s the planting plan submission and existing survey of the plants on the parcel for this project. Essentially, there’s nothing rare or unusual, and the planting plan looks quite respectful. At the planning board meeting there was some concern that the existing trees may be old growth, but it’s clear from the report that there isn’t any evidence of that. The development team indicated that there were significant remains of previous structures that had turned up in the soil study as well, like pieces of what was once a staircase, and probably a house or a shed.


Thurston Ave Minor Site Plan Revisions

July 1, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Just some minor changes to the site plan here: curb and signage revisions from HOLT for RABCO Highland House’s project next door to their existing apartment complex. This project hasn’t changed all that much since its first site plan submission, probably because of few objections to the plans; definitely a “fitting addition.”


College Crossing Site Plans

May 28, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Drove past this grading work and finally stopped to take a look. This project by Ithaca Estates Realty, LLC will be putting up a drive-thru retail/office/residential center just past Ithaca College’s Circle Apartments complex, next to the company’s own student rental apartments on Danby Road, at the intersection of East King Rd. The site plans (working plans from March) show 121 proposed parking spaces including reserved spaces, nearly 9,000 square feet of office space, 4,000 square feet of restaurant space, and 9 residential units in the proposed building. The restaurant space appears to be for a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, and a portion of the office space for a bank branch with two drive-thru lanes. I’m guessing that the residential units will be on the second floor.

Thurston Ave Apartments Site Plan

May 12, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Ithacating in Cornell Heights picked up on this new development about a year ago, and the site plans have just been submitted for review (see below). It looks as if the developer has scaled down this project, as the plan now calls for four buildings holding 20 units (mostly three bedrooms) on the corner of Highland Ave and Thurston Ave (across from Seal and Serpent). Page 23 shows a nice render of what the project would look like without any vegetation, and page four shows a nice breakdown of the properties surrounding the site.

Site Plan- updated 5/28/13

Site Plan Review Application

Harold’s Square Site Plan & Shadow Study 5/1

May 12, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Updated site plan here shows a nice breakdown of the parking plan and truck turning lanes, line of sight of pedestrians on the Commons (from the far edge, you’ll be able to see the very top of the tower), and the shadow study helps to put into perspective the scale of this project for downtown Ithaca- the furthest shadow extent shown in this study projects the tower’s shadow stretching all the way across Seneca St the morning of the Winter Solstice.