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Collegetown Terrace Construction Photo Update

November 24, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

Got a chance to swing by each site today, so I’ll be releasing a bunch of photos this week. Even in the cold, everything seems to be moving along nicely.

The Collegetown Terrace project has kept pace with construction on Building 5 & 6. This phase has seen the project transfer from Hayner Hoyt to Welliver for general construction and management. Welliver is also working on Gates Hall for Cornell, and the Law School expansion/renovation project, which I haven’t covered much here, but there’s a brief write-up from Cornell here and some photos from Ithacating’s blog.

Facade-work has progressed on the southern face of Building 5, and has just begun on Building 6, where the wrap material (I think it’s one of the polypropylene woven types) is covering over the sheathing before panels are placed on top. There’s also new sheathing on the third level of the far east section of Building 5, where the concrete floor was poured not long ago. Building 6 has begun its final level of exterior wall framing, as the sixth level is being built-up on the southern face.

Building 5 also has a new section on the top floor of the northern side that has been covered in glass panels, so it must be a future common area, and I think the opening is for the landing of one of the bridges that will span across the gap. Mitchell Plaza now has painted illustrations in the window boxes- some plants and birds, looks nice.

Looking north from hillside:

Westward to Building 5:

Building 5 northern face:

Building 6 western and northern faces:

Building 6 southern face:

Building 5 northern face:

Collegetown Crossing Project Description

May 27, 2013 // by Jason Henderson


307 College Ave is currently a two-story building in Collegetown with commercial space on the ground floor and apartments above. Denied a parking variance after a zoning board appeal last November, this project will be due to come back to life once parking minimums are revised, or possibly done away with entirely (under current codes, putting the planned 50-units for 103 beds on this parcel would have required the creation of 57 parking spaces). Greenstar Cooperative has already pledged support by planning to put in a retail grocery operation, which, as it stands now, would probably be a great benefit to nearby residents since there is hardly a place within walking distance to buy fresh produce. The developer, Josh Lower, and his father William Lower run C Town Rentals, which operates over 80 apartments in the Collegetown area.