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Gates Hall Move-ins Begun & Lobby Photos

February 12, 2014 // by Jason Henderson

Cornell’s Gates Hall is just about complete, and move-ins for the Information Science Department have begun for faculty, staff, and a few classrooms/workspaces are set up. It’s pretty wild on the inside, and the entryway cantilever provides an interesting preview of that (plus, when the weather is nicer, I think it would provide a nice assembly space). The lobby features semi-transparent glass, through which you can see the stairs up to each level, and clear glass panels for glimpses of each floor.

Many of the rooms are still being put together, but much of the common area furniture is already setup for use. Besides the concrete features on the outside, I didn’t see any finishes on the inside that aren’t completed, although I bet there’s much work to be done moving everything over, hooking up computers and networks, etc. Moving an entire department must be challenging. Floors are concrete, much like Milstein Hall, and there’s a bold amount of glass and steel everywhere. I’ll surely be coming back soon to explore much more- especially to walk around on the transparent floor at the end of the cantilever- vertigo anyone?