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Gates Hall Construction Fence is Down, Nice Views

October 15, 2013 // by Jason Henderson

The construction fence outside Gates Hall has been taken down and now you can get a really good perspective of what this building looks like. The entryway has been ongoing since around July, and there was a contractor working on the ceiling panels of the cantilever when I stopped by; there will be a section of what looks like a steel-reinforced glass floor (see render below) for those that like to tempt feelings of vertigo. There’s a bunch of rebar and rebar sheets stacked on the site, so I think part of the fence being taken down is to make room for trucks to compact the soil and start hardscaping for the rest of the entry. There’s also new curbing all the way around the site edges, and new asphalt.
Got a chance to see the infamous Thomas Mayne/Morphosis Cooper Union 41 Cooper Square project this weekend in NY- it’s wild in person, especially at night, as I imagine Gates Hall will be (Morphosis designed Gates Hall, as well as an impressive slew of other high-profile insitutional/corporate projects- see the Giant Interactive Campus in Shanghai; they’re also designing Cornell’s NYC Tech Campus)